Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beautiful Mystery!

That is the name of the blog of a good friend of mine. It is so true. Life - a beautiful mystery. The life we are given when we choose Christ anyway. Just when I think I got things relatively figured out things change. Sometimes little by little and sometimes at the speed of light before I know what hit me. God is mysterious that way. I guess He knows us so well and knows that if we think we have it figured out we become comfortable and don't need Him so much anymore. He also knows the beauty that is in the mystery of it all. Our lives each like a beautiful painting being painted by a master artist and no one knows the outcome. It remains a mystery until we join Him in the heavenlies. I love that. That tells me that no matter what I did to screw things up here on earth He can be painting over by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Some people don't like the mystery of it all. I actually love it. Some days we wake up and think today will be like yesterday and BAM! Something happens we never expected. Today was like that for me. I have been wrestling with something and ended up somewhere not sure if I supposed to be there. And then without warning He brings someone into my path that I have the opportunity to minister to. I share with this person His words of hope and healing. He allows a sinner like me to be a part of this supernatural moment. He lets me share in this. He actually sent His son that I would have the opportunity to share in His glory. WOW! Now that is a beautiful mystery that testifies to the fact that our Father loves us more than we can ever imagine. Me - a loved, blessed, friend of a Holy God. It leaves me speechless.....Praise you God! We love you. Thank you for loving us.

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kaycar said...

It is amazing!!!