Sunday, June 1, 2008

Choosing Today!

I talk a lot about making choices and how life is made up of all the choices we make whether they are little choices or big choices they determine what are life will be like tomorrow, in ten years, and even for eternity. I am trying to make some choices and could use a little help. Thought maybe if I wrote them down maybe I would be more likely to stick to it. Anyway this is the start of my “choices list”. Here goes:

Today I will choose:
• joy over discontentment
• joy over grumpiness
• joy over disappointment
• joy!!!!!!!!!!!!
• power, love, and self-discipline over fear
• to move more and eat less and to accept my thighs if this plan doesn’t pan out
• to live life like I might not have tomorrow
• to parent intentionally and with all I got left in me
• to listen more and talk A LOT less
• to be in God’s word like a wild woman on a mission(like getting the last pair of designer shoes on the 75% off rack or the last pint of Ben Jerry’s at the grocery store)
• to sing out loud about God’s great love
• to share with my kids each day what God is doing in my life
• to err on the side of grace and pray like crazy

This is just the start of my “choices list”. Won’t you join me in this? Let’s make a list, find someone to hold us accountable and pray we achieve at least a few things on our list before Alzheimer’s sets in or our teenagers send us plummeting to an early death.


Thank you Lord that we have the ability to make choices. Be with us today as we make our choices. Guide us. Help us to choose to live for you. Direct our paths. We love you Lord and want to honor you in every choice we make.


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