Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spirit-filled Living and Self-discipline

How do we achieve a spirit-filled life? I mean that is what we are all looking for isn’t it? To be filled by the spirit and rely on His power to direct our life. What does this look like? We all know someone who just oozes spirit-filled living and we all dream of a life that looks like that. We try and try and try as we might we always end up back at the same place asking ourselves why we can’t have what that other person has. I have a dear friend Sharon who has taught me a lot about this and how to achieve it. I didn’t get permission but I’m sure she won’t care if I share You see spirit-filled living and self-discipline go hand in hand. We need to be filling ourselves up with the word of God EVERY DAY! If we don’t we will empty out. Once we are empty all we are left with is fleshly living and that my friends is not a good place to be. That is when we feel anxious and depressed. We feel tired and have a short temper. There is no joy, no peace anywhere to be found, and life seems overwhelming. We need to have it poured in, in order to have it to pour out. Life is hard. We need to be able to pour it out each day. We constantly face situation that require us to be doing some spirit-filled living. We need to have the self-discipline to be in God’s word and then we will be able to draw on that in tough times. So let’s get to it. Open your Bible. Listen to your Bible ( Sleep with it under your pillow if you have to, but this is way too important to miss. You miss this and you risk missing your entire purpose not to mention the inner turmoil you will face. Let’s do some spirit-filled living today. If you are in Bible study with me, let’s do our homework. No Excuses! If you’re not you still have no excuses. Just open the Book. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Pray that your heart be teachable. Thank Him that you can freely be in His Word today.

Lord, Thank you so much for your Word. Open our hearts and show us want You want to teach us. We are listening Lord. Give us wisdom and understanding that can only come from You. Help us to be people of self-discipline and thank you ahead of time for the harvest we will reap if we obey you and immerse ourselves in your word.



Jen said...

Hey, Dee - great post! Today was definitely one of those days where I was EMPTIED OUT, and I needed some fillin' up from HIM! Excellent reminder b/c LIFE IS HARD!

grover dog said...

reminds me of th esong "over flow" by Matt goss