Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Truth and Freedom

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

~John 8:32

Why is something that sounds so simple so difficult? The truth sets us free. We know the truth. Anyone who reads God’s word knows the truth. Then, why the struggle? Like I know if I move more and I eat less and healthier I will be fit and probably lose a few pounds but yet this seems to elude me. I know who I am in Christ but yet I continually seek others approval. Here’s my favorite one: I know that if I die to flesh and yield to the spirit I will have abundant life yet daily I end up living constantly in the flesh. It is so frustrating. I know the truth yet I barely live free. What is up with that? All I know is that if there weren’t a struggle there would be no need for God or the Holy Spirit in my life. Who would need a savior????? We certainly wouldn’t need grace or forgiveness. I am in no way justifying poor behavior. The idea is to be free. All I am saying is that He knows how hard this is. He sees our struggle. If we want to be free we need to be honest about where we are at and what we are feeling. We need to ask for His power to help us overcome certain things. We need to be free. He paid the price for it. It is in our weakness that He will be strong. So I urge you to press on. Even on days that you barely feel free. I know how you feel. He knows how you feel. We can do this. Today speak truth, know truth and be set free and tomorrow get up and do it all over again.


Lord I want to know your truth and I desire to live and walk in the freedom that your death on the cross paid for. Please strengthen me when I am weak. Please constantly remind me of the truth and help me to take all my thoughts captive. I thank you ahead of time for the amazing work you will do in my life and for the freedom that I will walk in.

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