Friday, October 10, 2008

SVPS Banquet

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20

Well we are off to the SVPS(Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services) banquet tonight. I am excited about going to this event. I have never been to one of their banquets but I am sure it will be great. I had been in a post-abortion Bible study with them this past summer and it was awesome. Because of that Bible study I had a small part in a video they produced. I am still in awe of how God continues to use my "messes". It is amazing the work He does when we just admit we were wrong, ask for His forgiveness, and for His full redemption. With that we don't need to worry about what people think. We are then free to live a transparent life. When we live in guilt and shame we make it an idol in our life. We are in essence saying what was done on the cross was not enough. But when we open ourselves up to His forgiveness, healing, and grace we can drop the mask. No more pretending. That is when God truly gets the glory. You see He gets no glory when we parade around wearing a mask of guilt and shame for past mistakes. But when we strip off the mask we don't have to worry because Gods got us covered. That is freedom. That is what He came to do. You know the world would have you believe that you are no good because of past mistakes. Satan uses them and convinces you that you have to hide because if anyone really knew about things in your past they would think you were terrible. Or better yet sometimes he convinces us that God would want nothing to do with us. These are all lies. They are not the truth found in God's word. What lies are you believing today? What mask have you been wearing? It is time to strip it off. Let's give God the glory for the work he has done in our life. There is so much that is intended to harm us but even in our poor choices or in things we have no choice about God can turn it all around and use it for good. I pray every day that God use my abortion, my bad choice and He turns it around and uses it for His good and may it save many lives.


Lord thank you so much for your forgiveness. But not only for forgiving us but also for redeeming our past mistakes and using them for your glory. Forgive us when guilt and shame become our idol, when we wear the mask and don't walk in the freedom you intended for us.

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Jen said...

Such a beautiful entry, Dee!! I assume the banquet was WONDERFUL!!!!