Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cleaning Chicken........Yuck!

Karns had chicken on sale for .79/pound this past week. I hate to buy chicken in bulk and clean it. As much as I shared with you that I love getting my hair done I hate doing chicken. In fact I would venture to say I would almost rather have a root canal....First you get the 40 pound box and it is slimy....yuck. Then you have to debone it all, cut off the fat, slice it thin and freeze it all....blah! If I am feeling really adventurous I actually make meals with it then freeze them.....no fun. I then take the bones and cook them off to get some good broth and pick off enough chicken for two more meals......painfully boring. Even though I dislike this so much it is an economical way to feed my large family and sad to say I thought I would do it today and found out the sale ended yesterday. I missed it! I started thinking about life being a lot like my chicken experience. We get caught up in the yucky stuff. We often need to do things we don't want to because in the end it will benefit us, but too often we miss it. We get caught up in the circumstances and we spend our days searching or dreaming for something better when what God wants from us is right in front of our noses. We need to stop looking for our destiny apart from our messy circumstances or we might miss it. Did you hear that???? We can go our whole life and miss it!!! Our destiny will be found in our circumstances NOT apart from them. Press on today dear one God has a wonderful calling for you. Don't miss it like I missed the chicken this week. Look past the pain or dullness of your life for the amazing plans He has for you. Stop looking beyond today wishing for more. Embrace today and find your destiny. Thank Him today for the beauty He creates from ashes and I will thank Him for the wonderful meals made from slimy chicken:)

Lord, I pray that I would press through the yucky stuff in my life and not miss what you have for me in it. Thank you that you love us enough that in this sinful corrupt world you still desire to be involved in our life and that we are destined for greatness.

P.S. I often do this chicken thing with my dearest friend Carla. If you are struggling grab a good friend to help you through it! God has put godly friends in our life to support us. We don't have to do this alone.

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