Thursday, January 22, 2009

A perfect morning......

This is a picture of what a perfect morning looks like to me. We are getting a bit back to "normal"(what is that anyway....)since my grandmother went into to the hospital on Saturday. I had my first Esther Bible study on Tuesday and could not wait to crack open the pages of my book this morning. Don't you just love Bible study? The title Is "Esther...It's tough being a woman. Isn't that the truth? This week we are talking about it being tough being a woman in another woman's shadow. I thought I would start composing my list of things that are tough for me at the moment as a woman. So far since Tuesday my list has looked something like this:

1. It is tough being a woman when the dog has gone to the bathroom on the floor and it ran under the refrigerator(you know the dog EVERYONE wanted but no one cleans up after)

2. It is tough being a woman in a size 4 pair of jeans in a seemingly no longer size 4 body.

3. It is tough being a woman when you are needed by so many and you desperately want to do the right thing.

4. It is tough being a woman when you spend time with someone who is nearing the end of their life and you so want to keep them here with you and then when you come home you need to smile and love on your kids even through your sadness.

5. It is tough being a woman.......

The list could go on and on. I'm so glad that God already knows how tough it is. I am so glad He cares and He knows our pain. I can not wait to see what happens over the next nine weeks of this study. I am sure it will be a wild ride. Have a blessed day!

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