Monday, February 9, 2009

Back Home - Back to Reality

Well, I am home now. We got in last night. It is actually kinda cool how everyone missed me. The kids were looking out the window. Even the dogs could barely wait for me to get in the door. I got the most precious hugs and kisses a mom could ever wish for. The weekend was a blast. There is nothing like girlfriends and awesome husbands who let us go! I bet your wondering about that mystery dinner....It was hilarious. You should see people eat French Onion Soup without a utensil. We had a tomato/mozzarella thing(good description huh?)soup, salad, rolls, green beans, chicken(pecan/lime crusted or something like that - I'm not very cultured!) gourmet potatoes, sherbet, water, a grape punch drink, mints, and my favorite dessert a minty/chocolaty parfait. It was an unbelievable meal. I also learned a little tip from Lisa. If you want your food to digest, lay on your right side. I laid on my left because of some confusion I have struggled with since I was a small child but as soon as Lisa straightened me out it does help;) This morning after I took Chris to the dentist we started school. I was feeling a bit tired and distracted. Coco said he didn't feel good. The boy is ALWAYS trying to get out of school so I didn't take him too seriously until he threw up all over the living room carpet. Guess he is really sick though he is acting fine now. His first question was does he need to finish school now. No my dear Coco you can have the rest of the day off but please make it to the toilet. Well, my lunch break is up. I better get things done here. Check out the pictures below for a good laugh. Hope you have a blessed day!


Lisa getting creative - you can use part of your cup as a untensil!

Steph and I using our fingers:)

Poor Dawn - Not a very good start.

Soup with no spoon = messy fingers and drippy chin!

Beautiful Table

Make sure when laying on your right side to digest your food you get to the couch first or you end up facing the couch:)


Kim said...

What a great time! Thanks for posting the pictures DEE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures, Dee!! That dinner was such a blast, but I think my stomach is still trying to recover! Have a great day and I hope Coco feels better soon.