Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come get your "pot" of spaghetti......

These are some familiar words to me. My 90 year old grandma cooks for me on a regular basis. She has not been herself lately. She has been feeling sick. Barely leaving her apartment(yes her own apartment up two flights of stairs). She spent some time in the hospital recently. I have been very worried but yesterday out of nowhere I get the call. Come pick up your pot of spaghetti. She loves to cook and when she does it is for an army. You would think I had 15 kids not 7 when she cooks for me. Last year at age 89 she cooked constantly for me after I had my gallbladder out. After I left yesterday I picked up the phone and called my bff and wanted to cry. I said what if this is the last time I pick up food at her house. What if I soon lose her and I am not ready. Then today would you believe the phone rings and she has made more spaghetti. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. She didn't like the thin spaghetti she made yesterday so today she made more with the "good stuff". I love her. She is an incredible woman. She cares for her disabled son and worries more for her grandkids and great grandkids than you can imagine. She is the last one left out of her siblings. She was a twin. At 9 months her and her brother got sick. He died. She lived. Spunky from the beginning. I am a tenacious woman(I can hear Greg rolling with laughter at that admission) but I don't know if I have the tenacity of my grandma. She is something else. I am so blessed to have her. So today I enjoyed spaghetti for lunch again and froze a bunch for later. Here's to you grandma - You are the best!

My "Sassy" Grandma

My TWO "pots" of Spaghetti


whittakerwoman said...

I LOVE IT! I want to be just like her... Where do you live, I could come over and eat some of it for you. :) H

kaycar said...

thats Gram, she is amazing!