Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random thoughts......

This weekend:

Cayla is at winter camp. I miss her so much. I am very lonely without my bff.

Cleaned and decluttered all day. I am exhausted but happy with the results.

We have been painting all week. I almost don't recognize the place:)

Mentioned to Greg a few weeks ago while we were at Kmart that I was looking for an OPI nailpolish. I said the color was fondue something. Can you believe this morning he said "I'm fondue of you" and handed me the nail polish I was looking for. Yes, that is the name of the color. I am one lucky lady.

Speaking Friday at MOPS. Should be preparing instead of blogging......

Little Markie is sleeping over tonight. I hope the boys sleep.

Am feeling a little sentimental(not sure when I'm not). My baby will be 18 in a few weeks. Things are changing so quickly:(

Well, I need to be going. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

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