Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!

Well, it's finally Friday. It has been a good one. I had the opportunity to send my husband off to co-op with my kids and I went MOPS. I met the most wonderful ladies there. It is a really neat group of women. I hope that my message somehow touched them. I had a blast sharing. I always wake up the morning that I am supposed to do something like that and I think what in the world am I doing, I am not qualified for this and then I here Him say no, you are not qualified but I am and I am with you. God is so awesome that way. He is with us. We are never alone.

After MOPS I met Greg down at co-op because he needed to get to work. Bless his heart, teaching those kids PA history. I had cleaning team so I had to clean up a bit. I always ask to do trash. Believe it or not I like to do that part. The kids and I walk around together changing all the trash and I get done rather quickly. We have a busy weekend as usual planned. I am cleaning the office tomorrow and Catey has AWANA games practice. Church cleaning is tonight and Cayla is off to a b-day party. I do just love that girl. She is amazing. I read her "about me" on her myspace today and I cried. I wish I had her strength and her values/beliefs when I was 14. Here it is:

About me:
Things I like : Jesus, Youth Group, Hanging with my Friends, Shopping, Movies, Walks, Beach, Mountains, Sports, Texting, The Colts, Taking pictures, I have a lot of friends but only a few that I trust I try to follow God and strive my best to be more like him but nobody’s perfect I do fall into temptation but when I do I just get back up and learn from my mistakes and its good to know that he’s always there willing to take me back no matter how hard I fall .I love listening to music. I like to read sometimes my favorite author is definitely C.S. Lewis.God is amazing and has been very good to me. I am very open about my faith or at least I try to be I will fight for what I believe in and stick to it.

Now that just makes this momma proud!!!!! Not to mention her love for shopping and C.S. Lewis. A woman after my own heart. She is my girl!

I also have been wanting to blog about a great book. It is called Broken Into Beautiful by Gwen Smith. Her transparency and honesty in this book is a breath of fresh air. In a world where many women walk hiding behind their "fake" smile it was great to read a story from someone willing to take off the mask. It is an inviting testimony of God's healing in her life. Gwen shows us what can happen we allow God to heal our broken places.

And lastly I thought I would leave you with a funny story. I had my darling boy Chris and then came 4 girls. Then I had Coco and Abijah. With having two boys so close together it is definitely an adventure. Today each of them brought a friend home from co-op. They were all talking and all of the sudden they started talking about "fart land" and also a place where there is only "poop and pee". One of them even went on to say "you didn't invent fart land my brother did". I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or call someone for an intervention. I guess boys will just be boys and when you get a few of them together you just never know what they might say:) I wasn't used to such talk having all those girls. And I guess Chris didn't have such a "potty mouth". Well, after we got home they played a lot in mud and with weapons doing all the things boys do best......

Well, I need to get going. I am hoping to squeeze in a walk on this beautiful day.

Have a wonderful weekend as you seek Him in all you do!

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