Saturday, March 28, 2009

She Speaks Conference

I know this is a long shot. I missed the deadline. A scholarship to the She Speaks conference with Proverbs 31 Ministries and I am "a day late and a dollar short" as my mom used to say(literally you know - I have no money and I am a day late to enter:). I have been looking at this conference for a few years now. I was always too afraid to go somewhere like this alone. God has been working with me on that. Now I feel ready to go. My confidence has grown. I have been doing more and more writing and speaking but could use as much help as I can get. This would be an awesome opportunity. If the whole scholarship thing doesn't pan out I will just keep praying. Though finances are a huge obstacle right now especially after our trip(which by the way was worth every penny considering I haven't been away like that with Greg in 18 years of marriage so I don't feel bad at all if I miss this conference because of that)I know God can do anything. I have watched Him do miracles. If I am supposed to be there it will happen. Anyway I thought I would give this a try anyway. Just listen to what this confernece has to offer:

For Speakers:

Whether you are ready to take the main stage and start speaking at conferences and retreats or whether you want to learn how to more effectively teach a ladies’ Bible Study- this track is for you. After attending this conference you will be equipped to:

* Know how to develop a message from start to finish

* Understand what keeps an audience engaged and how to make your message memorable

* Deliver your message in such a way that not only inspires your audience but motivates them to make life changes

* Increase your number of booked speaking engagements by using proven marketing strategies.

For Writers:

You have had a passion for writing and have even had people encourage you to write a book, but have never known how to get started on the pathway to publication. You will have the chance to attend sessions taught by some of the top Christian publishers and make appointments to pitch your book proposal.

Or maybe you are a blogger and just want to learn how to more effectively connect with your readers and increase the impact of your blog. What better way than to sit in sessions taught by three of the most widely read blog authors. Whatever the case may be, after attending this conference you will:

* Discover your unique writing voice and the mechanics of effective writing

* Understand what publishers are looking for and how to write proposals that get their attention

* Better understand how to build your writing portfolio by getting published in magazines

* Know how to write a book that will impact your reader from start to finish

Sounds exciting doesn't it???? Who knows maybe I will be there!


lisasmith said...

Denise--You have such a neat blog and an amazing kids?! You are my hero! And, I totally know what it's like to allow fear of going, trying or going alone to steal opportunities. I just keep telling God to let me see Him going before me and keep my eyes on His back!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Heather Kay said...

Hi Denise,
Thank you for for your comment on my blog! It is so nice to know we are not alone in our walk. I really hope you get picked for this conference. That would be great!
Wonderful Monday to you,

Nancy said...

I want to go too. This sounds amazing. I pray that the funds come available and that you have a front row seat! You are such an encouragement to others!

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Praying for your dream and wishing you luck in the contest!