Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sitting at Starbucks....

They are three of my favorite words. Sitting at Starbucks. Not sure if it somehow makes me feel a bit refined or maybe even hip(never mind that just hours ago the most intellectual thought I was having was just how many dishes can our dishwasher really hold or that the truth is I just love sitting and listening to other people's conversation - a problem my husband never really realized until last week on vacation). I thought maybe sitting here alone would give me some inspiration to share something really great with you. Sorry. All the deeper my thoughts are going is if there are one or two squirts of syrup in my drink and because I already blew the diet on vacation can I justify ordering a grande instead of a tall???? I know, I know really earth shattering but the cool thing is as I sit here thinking of not much of anything God still cares. He is so interested in my thoughts. He already knows them. He cares about the day in and day out mundane stuff that we think doesn't matter. It matters to Him. He wants to know my heart on my dishwasher and my diet. I feel Him here with me. I know Jesus would love just sitting at Starbucks taking in all the people and conversations. I think we feel like we should only take the big stuff to Him but it is so cool to know He is with us during the little stuff. So often I am caught up in crisis situations where I am begging Him for some answer to prayer that I forget to just sit and enjoy Him during my everyday stuff. So here's to enjoying just being here tonight. Hope your evening is going well. Remember whether you are crying out in need of an answer or just trying to figure out how your little one got that chewed up piece of gum stuck on the ceiling take a moment to just sit and reflect on how much God cares for you. Have a blessed night!

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