Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Call it writers block. Call it jet lag. I guess you could call it whatever you want, but I am struggling. I just came back from Jamaica where everything is no worries mon to lots of worries. Where everything is no problem mon, to lots of problems. Chris turned 18 while I was gone and I now have an adult son. I am so sad. He is turning into an awesome young man but I wanted to stay little just a while longer. I am very tired and can not think of a blog worthy thing to write about. My attitude kinda stinks - o.k. it really stinks. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to write something a little more interesting, then again maybe not:) Since I am not feeling any inspiration I will leave you with some thoughts from my Esther study. Thank God for Bible study!

It's tough being a woman....but it's trust that turns it all around.

We can not fret our way to victory. God is waiting for our trust - we won't fret our way to the finish line.

He seeks us out to reverse our destiny!

We are only responsible for what we are asked to do not the how. God will take care of that.

Well, have a blessed day.


Let'sMakeADifference said...

I always think it is hard to come back from vacation! I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it! You can call any time! lots of times are open!

Nancy said...

I sit down everyday to write you an email after our chat at MOPS,but I always forget to bring the paper with your email address.

So as i was reading your post about your son I just picture the story you told about chasing him around giving him tons of kisses. I don't think that we can kiss our kids enough.

As for the Esther study I am doing it on my own right now. I needed it in my life and it is changing my life! Please feel free to catch up with my story anytime I have been posting about life on my blog.