Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Thoughts this Wedenesday.....

It's been two days since my last post. I always have all these ideas but they never seem to get written. I am sitting here alone which is so rare I can't actually remember the last time it has happened. I should be working on my talk for the mother/daughter banquet but instead my thoughts automatically go to the blogosphere. You know I just want to see what is goin on. See if I missed any posts:) I do love the idea of all these ladies posting things and sharing from their hearts.

I am sure I have shared this before but God is calling me to a place of transparency and let me tell you it is not always easy. I have those little things I don't want to share. You know the ones that hurt the pride a little. I hate telling people when I've messed up with my kids or when my husband and I are having problems. As I was thinking about this and why it is so hard I realized it is because satan convinces us of something that just isn't true. We fear being "real" might push people away but in reality it brings us closer. Something the enemey does not want to happen. So when those thoughts come I have been making a conscious effort to say to myself "I don't need to believe that it is not the truth".

I know I have written on this before in a previous post, but I am continually amazed how many thoughts a day are some how twisted in a lie. I have started evaluating my thoughts. Even the small things matter when it comes to winning this battle.

I guess I better get to work. Awana will be over and my kiddos will be back before I know it. Have a blessed night!

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