Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Week.....

Just sitting here alone in a quiet house(I have had the opportunity to type those words quite a bit lately - I need to be thankful)reflecting on this week. Just thought I would share:

Today - When I got on the Internet the "swine flu" alert was at 3 and just an hour later it is at 5. Really have no clue what that means I am just glad I have not been given a spirit of fear(2 Timothy 1:7)

It has gotten cooler and I am not happy:(

I didn't make People's 100 Most Beautiful People - Go figure???

Tomorrow - Ann is giving everyone haircuts - YEAH Ann!

Friday - The last day of co-op. I would like to say that I am sad but.....Anyway we have family night Friday night.

Saturday - It is our Mother/Daughter brunch. Please pray for me as I am the speaker. Satan has been having a hay day with my mind over this. Isn't it ironic that I am speaking at a M/D event and have so many struggles with my older daughters. God is so much more powerful than those thoughts. Hallelujah!

Sunday - Church, softball and more softball!

Well, that is what the rest of my week looks like. Next Wednesday I start a Bible study at a halfway house for women coming out of prison. It is called "Steps to Sexual Health". Should be very interesting. I am excited to work with these ladies. I will also be sharing at another Mother/Daughter event on May 12th - please keep praying for me. God is doing some amazing things in my life. Just tonight I snapped at Greg for something. Typically I would have just let him leave for AWANA but I felt so convicted to apologize. Progress - Thank you Jesus! Never, ever take that conviction for granted. It is a huge safety net if we listen to it. Hope you all have a blessed night!


Jen said...

Dee, I just love your open-ness and honesty, and I'm so thankful that God is using you!!! I will be praying for your speaking engagements AND the awesome Bible Study you are beginning to lead...thank you for this blog where we can all read encouraging words for our own lives as well!!!!

Heather Kay said...

I will pray for you. Your ministry at the half way house will be such a blessing to both you and them! Please keep us updated on it.

Anonymous said...

that husband--he must be special to give you so much time to pursue things that matter to You