Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday

Good Morning! In keeping with the "country girl" theme this week my husband found the perfect fashion Friday shirt. We saw it when we went to Kinsey's kids day.

It says "Redneck Girl....I Hunt On The First Date". We got a good laugh, but seriously.....

I did find some cute - cheap stuff this week on Internet. I thought I would see how much I could buy if I had a little extra money just sitting around:)

I found this shirt and this shirt at Target and I loved these shorts at Old Navy(I love the homepage to their site where they scroll top trends under $30 - really cute stuff). Not a bad price. Also thought this was a cute bag.

Now if your dear Great Aunt Edna leaves you a boat load of money I absolutely loved this top at Boden(love the clothes on this site but really can't spend that kind of money!). I love the way shirts are being made now (not so skin tight) and I just read that they are getting away from the ultra lowrise way they have been making jeans. I was so excited to read this because it may actually get a little easier to find a good pair of jeans that doesn't expose your bottom. They said it was because of the "muffin top" effect that these jeans were creating in women. Well HELLO did they just realize that most women aren't stick thin?????

Well that's it for today. Hope your weekend is blessed! By the way, Becky left the first comment yesterday so I will get you that book next week!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review!

I had a lot of time for reading this past weekend. Yeah! I read Work in Progress - An unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace. Seeing as I am definetely unfinished(thank goodness!) I thought it would be a good read. I also started Homeschool Supermom.....Not and it has very convicting....but more on that next week.

Work in Progress by Kristin Armstrong(Lance Armstrong's ex-wife)takes you through all the character qualities of a woman of grace. She talks about things like beauty, confidence, softness, trust, etc....The book was filled with scripture and was continually turning you to the truth of God's word. It was filled with personal stories and humor and was an all around good read. There are discussion/journaling questions at the end so it could be used as personal Bible study or with a group.

I would love to share this book with someone. I am never quite sure what to do with my vast library of books after I have read them.....So I guess the first person who leaves a comment and lets me know they would like to read it will get it! I will send it out tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

More weekend photos....

Yes - A country girl!!!!

Me and my new friends....

Reading in the sunshine. Where is that sun anyway??????

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You can take the girl out of the country....

I feel like I have gotten a little blog lazy. Not sure if it was the time away or what but anyway.....I have been thinking about posting about my weekend and some thoughts I have been having. I have been teaching in my Sunday school class about faith. I put together a "faith map" and I am continually amazed how God makes ALL things work together for good. I was using the verse in Acts to show that we were all placed in the exact place and the exact generation that He wanted us that we would seek Him.

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.
God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.

Acts 17:26-27

I remember growing up thinking that I surely did not belong where I was. I grew up in the country and though we were well off we were I guess what I would now affectionately call "rednecks". We were ground hog huntin'(anything huntin' would be more accurate), deer spottin', beer drinkin', pig roast havin', four wheeler ridin', Clint Eastwood watchin', Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers listen' people. I paged through Vogue magazine dreaming of the day I would escape this lifestyle. Always trying to be more "refined" than I actually was. Now here I am many years later a country girl at heart. I guess the saying holds true that you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. I still love riding four wheeler and the smell of dirt when I am in the woods. I am a huge country music fan and can belt a song with Reba McEntire like nobodies business. I am more at home on a four wheeler than I would be anywhere else and if God hadn't called me not to drink I would probably have a cold beer on a Friday night(always feel the need for a disclaimer....I don't personally think there is anything wrong with having an alcoholic beverage every once in awhile. I just feel like I am being asked to obstain for this time in my life. I didn't want to sound like I am better than anyone because of this conviction).

I guess this is all to say God knows my heart. He knew what would bring me joy. He knew it wasn't living in some high class place and never knowing the feeling of shooting a rifle for the first time or the wind in my hair as I ride on a trail on a four wheeler. He placed me in the exact place and in the exact time that I would seek Him and serve His purpose for me. A country girl. Nothing more. Nothing less. Finally perfectly content. So this weekend as we spent the weekend doing every "redneck" thing imaginable I was happy.

How about you????? Are you questioning His sovereignty? Do you wonder if you are in the right place? Wonder no more. His ways are perfect. They are far above our ways. He has a purpose for us right where we are at. I got in more trouble trying to be something I wasn't instead of embracing who I was. I am so thankful for His patience and His grace.


Thank you for knowing me even better than I know myself. For knowing the perfect place and the perfect time for me and for giving me a purpose. Help me to have a heart that is content and to live in the moment and to stop looking for something different. I love you Lord.


Me on a dirt bike!

Greg on the four wheeler we love to ride on together!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

No "Make A Choice Monday" today. I had a post ready to go but I am out of town and the pictures I needed are on my computer at home. Hope you have a blessed day. I will post tomorrow.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Friday

I don't have much time to post today. I am heading out to breakfast with a cousin who is in from Texas and then packing up and heading to the mountains for the weekend.

I just wanted to share a site I came across on another blog. The name of the site is Christa-Taylor. She has a lot of cute stuff. It is not necessarily cheap but I love her focus on modest fashion.

"Our Mission: At Christa Taylor we're pioneering a modest clothing revolution. Our team is committed to designing trendy and modest clothes that match your unique style."

So if you get a minute check it out. I also wanted to tell you about a place I found this week in downtown Lancaster. It doesn't have a website but I wanted to share in case you ever get down there. The name of the store was Fab Fashions and it is located right outside the Central Market. The man who owns it is a Christian. He sells jewelry, handbags, and accessories. He had some of the cutest bracelets. Here is a picture of one I got. It has on it different names of Jesus like Messiah, Holy One, Son of God, etc...The bracelets were $12.95 and they were adorable.

And don't forget flip flops are only $1 at Old Navy this weekend!

Well that's all for today. Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend. Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have been having problems with my blog ever since I added the chat thing so I removed it. I hope it was the problem but who knows. I guess we will see......See you tomorrow for Fashion Friday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check This Out!

*Remember to pause my playlist at the bottom.


Just wanted to let you all know I added a chat feature over on the right hand side of my blog. Feel free to "chat" with me, ask me a question, or let me a message if you see I am online. Look forward to talking to you all soon! Have a blessed day!

Creative Friend

I just wanted to link to a post by my friend Carla. She made the coolest coupon organizer out of a trading card book. With all the coupons we are getting at our house we need a more "sophisticated" (can couponing be considered sophisticated????) filing system. She was very creative and I wanted to share it with all of you. Now I do think she will need to come up with a more "manly" design for Greg since he is the official "couponer" at our house :) You can check it out here. Have a blessed day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What Other's Are Saying....

Denise has the God-given gift of speaking. Her wisdom and life experience enable her to reach women of all ages. She has the desire to see women living in the freedom offered through a relationship with Jesus Christ and not in the bondage of their past.

Bobbi Bartch, Co-director of Change of Pace West Bible Studies

When I think of Denise, I think of 2 Corinthians 1:3,4. Denise has allowed the Lord to use life experiences and choices to humble and teach her about His unfailing love and compassion. She relates well to a diversified audience and her passion for the Lord is demonstrated as she shares her testimony and God's redemption in her life.

Carol Weaver, Director of Post Abortion Ministry/ Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services

Denise Grove is the "real" deal! Her love for the Lord radiates as she shares from her heart, and it is obvious that her main passion in her everyday life is to serve and love her God with JOY! She opens up her own life experiences to encourage and support women in their own life journey. She has a down to earth style, yet she is very professional. She has encouraged me greatly as a wife and a mother, and she has inspired me in my daily Christian walk to love and honor my Lord in the toughest of times and the happiest of times.

Jen Robinson, Mt Calvary Church MOPS

Denise has a gift for relating to other women. Her honesty and transparency establish trust in any audience from the beginning. She brings energy and enthusiasm when she shares and it draws people to her. I am thankful for her love for Christ, His word and the ability to challenge other women to passionately study it along with her!

April Zimmerman, Women's Ministry Team, Hope Community Church, Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you.

You can e-mail me at:



Speaking Topics

Single Sessions:

Overcoming Disappointment

We all have things we have "hoped" for that haven't turned out the way that we thought it should.  Many of us are still waiting for answers for things we have prayed about for a long time.  What do we do with those feelings of disappointment, despair, and heartache?  Many times we are left sad, depressed, and empty.  We act out of those feelings instead of releasing our expectations to God. Through the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 we will see how we can turn our "hope-so's" that leave us wanting and empty into "know-so's" that won't disappoint., learning to release the disappointment and embrace the peace and joy that God has for us. 

You Don’t Have To Be Pinterest Perfect You Are Already Enough

Who am I?  Do I have a purpose?  Will I ever be good enough? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we compare our weakness with someone else’s strength.  In a social media age it is very easy to become discontent and stuck in the trap of comparison.  It is also easy to become discouraged when we look to others for approval or with envy instead at looking to God and the purpose He has for us.  We were each created for a purpose and given the exact circumstances that our uniquely ours.  Learn to embrace who you are and where God has you!

Purity for Girls

In this day and age how do we teach our girls to maintain a pure heart? And does purity go beyond modesty? In our time together we will discover the answers to these questions and more. This interactive workshop is for any woman who has a girl in their life whether it be a daughter, a granddaughter, or just a young girl you are connected to. We will learn tools to help us teach our girls no matter how young or how old what it means to have a pure heart and to help them discover the purpose God has for them.

Handprints of God: My Story

I have a story. God has given all His children a story to tell. Follow along with mine. Learn how God pulled me out of a difficult childhood and how I found forgiveness from an abortion I had at the age of 16. His handprints were all over my life and they are all over yours. Learn how He pulled me from a pit of despair and taught me how to forgive and move on from many hurts in my life. I will also share with you how to share your own story.

Memories in the Making

Making memories with our kids all starts with how we are living. Join me as we take a trip through the fruit of the spirit and see how each applies to our parenting. Walk away encouraged that your children will leave with many wonderful memories of a mom who lived by the spirit.

Take those thoughts C.A.P.T.I.V.E.

After some desperate moments of crisis and crying out to the Lord I learned that many of my problems were a direct result of my thought life. Learn to get your thought life out of the dumpster and onto the Most High. Based on 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 I will share with you an acrostic that has helped me live in freedom and truth.

Grow where your planted…Be rooted in truth

Struggling with where life has you. I know life is hard. Learn how to recognize what is hindering you. Selfishness, pride, and fear all keep us from growing where God has planted us. Learn how to live out your destiny right now, right where you are, no matter what the circumstance. God has a plan for our lives and when we are rooted in Him and His truth He will reveal that to each one of us.


Friendships can be tricky especially when you are trying to balance marriage, parenting, and other obligations. We will explore why we need friendships, what it takes to cultivate them, and how to repond to a friend in crisis.

The Three R's of Motherhood

Being a mother half my life I have learned that everything I thought I knew about parenting my children have proved false! But there are three things that I have learned that are the foundation for my parenting. The Three R's - Realize the High Call, Realistic Goals, & Rest. Join me as I share my journey into planet motherhood.

Retreat Topics:

CPR for Weary Women

CPR for weary women is an interactive weekend where we not only learn how to gain freedom in our thought life but also learn how to sustain it in the everyday trials we will face as women.

After some desperate moments of crisis and crying out to the Lord I learned that many of my problems were a direct result of my thought life. We will learn to get our thought life out of the dumpster and onto the Most High. Based on 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 I will share with you the steps that have helped me live in freedom and truth.

Our weekend will be spent discussing what it means to take our thoughts Captive.  We will also address finding our Purpose and steps to powerful living.  We will finish our time together with a Reality check where we will evaluate our current thought life to see what is inhibiting us from living the victorious life that is guaranteed us in Christ.

This retreat can be done in 3 or 4 sessions

Pinterest Perfect

Who am I?  Do I have a purpose?  Will I ever be good enough? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we compare our weakness with someone else’s strength.  In a social media age it is very easy to become discontent and stuck in the trap of comparison.  It is also easy to become discouraged when we look to others for approval or with envy instead at looking to God and the purpose He has for us.  We were each created for a purpose and given the exact circumstances that our uniquely ours.  Learn to embrace who you are and where God has you! This weekend retreat includes the following sessions:

·      You don't have to be Pinterest perfect….you are already enough

·      You are wise enough to conquer lies

·      You are strong enough to overcome disappointment

·      You are amazing enough to fulfill your purpose

This weekend retreat can be done in 3 to 5 sessions.

Freedom Weekend

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Freedom weekend is an interactive weekend for women of all ages where we will seek freedom in all areas of our life.  We will be equipped with tools to ensure we don’t fall back again to the yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). Sessions include topics such as:

·       Dealing with past sin and shame
·       Forgiving for those who have hurt us
·       Relationships/friendships

This retreat can be done in 3 or 4 sessions.

Your Story Matters

We each have a story.  One that is beautifully written by God before we ever came to be.  God desires for us to share our stories.  He paints a beautiful masterpiece with each moment of our life in order to bring purpose from our pain, find significance in the ordinary, and to build his kingdom. 

We will spend the weekend learning how to share our story.  Finding a plan and a purpose in the painful and even in the mundane things of life.  Sessions cover topics such as:

·       Overcoming lies we believe about our story
·       Discovering purpose in our story
·       How to share our story

This weekend retreat can be done in 3 to 5 sessions.

Take Another Step

Based on the book Ephesians Take Another Step weekend challenges us to move forward in our identity, purpose, and plan. We are masterpieces and God has a specific plan and purpose for each one of us.

This retreat can be done in 3 to 5 sessions

This is just a sampling of topics that Denise would love to share with your women’s group at your next banquet, retreat, or other event. She will also create a talk tailor made for your event.