Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review!

I had a lot of time for reading this past weekend. Yeah! I read Work in Progress - An unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace. Seeing as I am definetely unfinished(thank goodness!) I thought it would be a good read. I also started Homeschool Supermom.....Not and it has very convicting....but more on that next week.

Work in Progress by Kristin Armstrong(Lance Armstrong's ex-wife)takes you through all the character qualities of a woman of grace. She talks about things like beauty, confidence, softness, trust, etc....The book was filled with scripture and was continually turning you to the truth of God's word. It was filled with personal stories and humor and was an all around good read. There are discussion/journaling questions at the end so it could be used as personal Bible study or with a group.

I would love to share this book with someone. I am never quite sure what to do with my vast library of books after I have read them.....So I guess the first person who leaves a comment and lets me know they would like to read it will get it! I will send it out tomorrow!

Have a blessed day!

More weekend photos....

Yes - A country girl!!!!

Me and my new friends....

Reading in the sunshine. Where is that sun anyway??????

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Becky said...

Hey Denise, I would love to read A work in Progress. I feel the same way about the country. The older I get the more I want to be there.