Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Friday

I don't have much time to post today. I am heading out to breakfast with a cousin who is in from Texas and then packing up and heading to the mountains for the weekend.

I just wanted to share a site I came across on another blog. The name of the site is Christa-Taylor. She has a lot of cute stuff. It is not necessarily cheap but I love her focus on modest fashion.

"Our Mission: At Christa Taylor we're pioneering a modest clothing revolution. Our team is committed to designing trendy and modest clothes that match your unique style."

So if you get a minute check it out. I also wanted to tell you about a place I found this week in downtown Lancaster. It doesn't have a website but I wanted to share in case you ever get down there. The name of the store was Fab Fashions and it is located right outside the Central Market. The man who owns it is a Christian. He sells jewelry, handbags, and accessories. He had some of the cutest bracelets. Here is a picture of one I got. It has on it different names of Jesus like Messiah, Holy One, Son of God, etc...The bracelets were $12.95 and they were adorable.

And don't forget flip flops are only $1 at Old Navy this weekend!

Well that's all for today. Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend. Have a blessed day!

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