Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday

Good Morning! In keeping with the "country girl" theme this week my husband found the perfect fashion Friday shirt. We saw it when we went to Kinsey's kids day.

It says "Redneck Girl....I Hunt On The First Date". We got a good laugh, but seriously.....

I did find some cute - cheap stuff this week on Internet. I thought I would see how much I could buy if I had a little extra money just sitting around:)

I found this shirt and this shirt at Target and I loved these shorts at Old Navy(I love the homepage to their site where they scroll top trends under $30 - really cute stuff). Not a bad price. Also thought this was a cute bag.

Now if your dear Great Aunt Edna leaves you a boat load of money I absolutely loved this top at Boden(love the clothes on this site but really can't spend that kind of money!). I love the way shirts are being made now (not so skin tight) and I just read that they are getting away from the ultra lowrise way they have been making jeans. I was so excited to read this because it may actually get a little easier to find a good pair of jeans that doesn't expose your bottom. They said it was because of the "muffin top" effect that these jeans were creating in women. Well HELLO did they just realize that most women aren't stick thin?????

Well that's it for today. Hope your weekend is blessed! By the way, Becky left the first comment yesterday so I will get you that book next week!

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