Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day. I don’t think there is any other role that has brought me more joy, tears, and laughter. I am blessed.

I came out of the bathroom on Saturday at the Curriculum Fair and I overheard one of the speakers. She caught my attention with what she was saying so I paused a minute to listen. She had asked her 30 year old son what she and her husband had done that helped him to become the Godly man he had become. He said “you gave us your heart and we never felt like we were a burden to you”. She went on to say some other things about how they knew she loved to homeschool them and how she was always interested in what they were doing. She also talked about how short our time is and how she had lost a son when he was 17 to leukemia. I walked away with tears welling up in my eyes. Talk about her children rising up and calling her blessed (Proverbs 31:28).

I hope that a day comes and my children can say all that of me. What a noble calling we have. I pray I never take it lightly or for granted. Children are such a blessing.

I have also been blessed with a wonderful mother. She exemplifies grace and peace. She was ALWAYS speaking positive things into my life. No matter what we were going through her glass was always half full. She made the most of everything. She has to be one of the most patient and courageous woman I have ever known. I am so proud to call her mom. I hope I can be to my kids what she has always been to me.

I hope your day is full of joy as you spend this special day with your family.

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