Monday, May 18, 2009

Make a Choice Monday

What a beautiful Monday morning. I think we will finally see some sun this week. Yeah! Today's post will be brief because I have a cousin in from Texas and we are having a big cookout here tonight :) My original idea for today didn't work out because I need to take a picture at my grandma's house and I didn't get a chance to do that this weekend. So you will just have to wait and be curious and I will share it next week!!

Remember when I told you that I was dreading Chuck-E-Cheese last week? Well I went and had a blast. My mom surprised us by stopping in before she headed back home and Greg even snuck over from work for a little. His sister Pam was here. She lives near the Poconos and since she doesn't have any children she spoils my kids rotten. Between her and my mom there was a constant flow of tokens. The kids laughed and played and I got to visit with Pam and enjoy time with the kids. Cayla was a huge help. It was an all around good time and when it was all done we cleaned up and left with no mess at my house.

All this to tell you that I started wondering how many times I dreaded things that I should actually be thankful for. What a blessing to have the opportunity to go and be with family. I think the enemy convinces us we don't feel like doing certain things that he knows will actually bring us joy and the truth is most the time when its all said and done we love it. Here is another many times have I wanted to sleep in or go out to breakfast on a Sunday morning when the truth is I love church. I mean I LOVE it. Or how many times do I dread a chore when in the end I love the result and I should be thankful for the home I have. The enemy just keeps messing with our minds. If we want to have captive hearts for Christ it will start with captive thoughts.

So today every decision, every job, every thing that comes our way I want us to really look at the situation especially if it is something we think we don't want to do and I want us to choose thankfulness and joy in everything we do and I can guarantee you will start enjoying life a whole lot more. Let's not give satan any of our joy. I will leave you some pictures from my fun time at Chuck-E-Cheese. Have a blessed day!

Abijah and his best friend Markie riding "The Big Horse"

Cayla playing games

Rubbing the big token for "luck"

Me and my birthday boy

Opening presents

Blowing out the candles

Me and Aunt Pam

Me with my man and beautiful daughter - doesn't she look just like him???

Me and my girl

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