Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mom Guilt

Ok.....feeling some mom guilt here. We are headed to Chuck-E-Cheese and I am not the least bit excited and to top it all off I didn't order Abijah a cake so we had to take what we could get at Giant. Needless to say he is having a Diego party with a Scooby-doo cake. As I was sitting here in my self pity mode I read my devotion today from Proverbs 31. It was very uplifting. I hope you take a minute to read it. And no Abijah won't be ruined for life because his cake and decorations don't match:)

I love the part though about good coming from healthy assessment. I am going to assess my calendar and put a system into place where I am looking at the beginning of each month and seeing what I need to do i.e. order a birthday cake. I am NOT an organized person. Any organization I have developed has been out of necessity because of all these kids we seem to have here:) When I figure out how I want to do it (most "normal" schedule things don't work for me) I will share it with you all. I posted how I did learn to have a master calendar and menu but I need to take it a step further and have some sort of to do list attached. I have fought against this for a while. Partly because I do not think my "fly by the seat of my pants" personality is always all bad. In fact I know that I can enjoy some things easier than those who need to plan things out. I don't want to become so rigid that I am controlled by a schedule but I want to find a healthy balance. I love the fact that we always have the chance to learn and grow......His mercies are new EVERY morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)!

In the mean time I will fumble my way through this a party and pray the rain stops so I can watch my girl play softball tonight!

Be blessed!!!!

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