Monday, May 18, 2009

Speaking Topics

Overcoming Disappointment

We all have things we have "hoped" for that haven't turned out the way that we thought it should.  Many of us are still waiting for answers for things we have prayed about for a long time.  What do we do with those feelings of disappointment, despair, and heartache?  Many times we are left sad, depressed, and empty.  We act out of those feelings instead of releasing our expectations to God. Through the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 we will see how we can turn our "hope-so's" that leave us wanting and empty into "know-so's" that won't disappoint., learning to release the disappointment and embrace the peace and joy that God has for us. 

You Don’t Have To Be Pinterest Perfect You Are Already Enough

Who am I?  Do I have a purpose?  Will I ever be good enough? These are the questions we ask ourselves as we compare our weakness with someone else’s strength.  In a social media age it is very easy to become discontent and stuck in the trap of comparison.  It is also easy to become discouraged when we look to others for approval or with envy instead at looking to God and the purpose He has for us.  We were each created for a purpose and given the exact circumstances that our uniquely ours.  Learn to embrace who you are and where God has you!

Purity for Girls

In this day and age how do we teach our girls to maintain a pure heart? And does purity go beyond modesty? In our time together we will discover the answers to these questions and more. This interactive workshop is for any woman who has a girl in their life whether it be a daughter, a granddaughter, or just a young girl you are connected to. We will learn tools to help us teach our girls no matter how young or how old what it means to have a pure heart and to help them discover the purpose God has for them.

Handprints of God: My Story

I have a story. God has given all His children a story to tell. Follow along with mine. Learn how God pulled me out of a difficult childhood and how I found forgiveness from an abortion I had at the age of 16. His handprints were all over my life and they are all over yours. Learn how He pulled me from a pit of despair and taught me how to forgive and move on from many hurts in my life. I will also share with you how to share your own story.

Memories in the Making

Making memories with our kids all starts with how we are living. Join me as we take a trip through the fruit of the spirit and see how each applies to our parenting. Walk away encouraged that your children will leave with many wonderful memories of a mom who lived by the spirit.

Take those thoughts C.A.P.T.I.V.E.

After some desperate moments of crisis and crying out to the Lord I learned that many of my problems were a direct result of my thought life. Learn to get your thought life out of the dumpster and onto the Most High. Based on 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 I will share with you an acrostic that has helped me live in freedom and truth.

Grow where your planted…Be rooted in truth

Struggling with where life has you. I know life is hard. Learn how to recognize what is hindering you. Selfishness, pride, and fear all keep us from growing where God has planted us. Learn how to live out your destiny right now, right where you are, no matter what the circumstance. God has a plan for our lives and when we are rooted in Him and His truth He will reveal that to each one of us.


Friendships can be tricky especially when you are trying to balance marriage, parenting, and other obligations. We will explore why we need friendships, what it takes to cultivate them, and how to repond to a friend in crisis.

The Three R's of Motherhood

Being a mother half my life I have learned that everything I thought I knew about parenting my children have proved false! But there are three things that I have learned that are the foundation for my parenting. The Three R's - Realize the High Call, Realistic Goals, & Rest. Join me as I share my journey into planet motherhood.

This is just a sampling of topics that Denise would love to share with your women’s group at your next banquet, retreat, or other event. She will also create a talk tailor made for your event.

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