Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week

Can't believe it is Wednesday already. The weather has been so beautiful I feel like I am being lifted out of my fog. Even though we had rain on Saturday we had a good graduation party. I had some tears. I still can't believe the journey I have been on since I was 17 years old. I have been married and a mom over half my life. Greg was not quite as emotional and the highlight for him was wrestling Chris into the pool.

Sunday was Fathers day and my dad was actually here for awhile before heading back into the hills so we had breakfast with him and I went to church and Greg and Chris went to a 10k trail run. Chris was his moral support until I could get there. It was unlike anything he has ever done. He is such a wild man. Then it was home to cook out and he even had enough energy to take a small run with me.

Monday morning came and the house was trashed and I needed to get Cayla ready for Creation and of course I needed to go to the pool in the afternoon. That night Greg had a game and then we hit Rita's. I fell into to bed exhausted:)

Yesterday Cayla left for Creation around 7:15. I am so sad and lonely. We have NEVER spent this many days apart. She is literally an awesome daughter and has become a really good friend to me. I often call her my bff and I mean it. She is so mature and loving and considerate. I always tell her I dream of the day when she and I go to Bible study together:) I am starting a study with her and some of her friends on Monday and I am so excited. I had Bible study at church yesterday morning and things seemed to go well. I then headed back to the pool to console myself since Cayla is gone. Did I mention the house is still a mess:) After that it was home and then to Roots. Home from Roots, went for a run with Greg, and went to see Carla's new kitchen. Came back talked to my mom until 11 and fell into bed exhausted(that seems to be a reoccurring theme doesn't it???)

Now today I really must clean the house. I will probably hit the pool and then I have my class with my ladies in Lancaster. Cayla's softball team made the playoffs. Because of all the rain outs and make-up games we didn't know until last night. Cayla decided she wanted to go to creation anyway. It was a tough decision.

Tomorrow Carla and I are heading to the mountains. We are staying at her families cabin and taking the kids to a snake hunt on Saturday. Greg is meeting us up there on Friday night. Sounds like fun. I have done a lot of things but not sure I have ever been to a snake hunt. I feel like I should pull out my cowgirl boots and wrangler jeans. I will post pictures when I get back. Because of this little trip I'm not sure if there will be a fashion Friday. We will have to see:) Well, cleaning is waiting. Hope your day is blessed!


Heather Kay said...

Wow! You've been busy! I have always loved snakes, toads, and frogs...big time tom I would love the snake hunt! Have a great weekend.
P.S. Thanks for the encouraging comment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unfort. no internet where we're headed:)