Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Weekend in the Life - Documentary (part 2)

First let me start out by saying that Carla and I will NEVER be asked to actually do a real documentary because in our laughter and fun we forget to take pictures....but since I figure it might only be a whole 2 people reading this(hi Carla and Greg) it probably doesn't much matter. I realized I didn't post the picture of the scary Arby's we ate at last night, which by the way I was afraid was going to be a regretable mistake but in all the excitement of the phone calls of my niece I had no time to lament over our poor choice in dining. I will spare you the pictures, as all scary Arby's I am sure look alike. As for my niece she is back home resting with a case of false labor. She got the old standard "drink more water" and seems to be ok. Thanks for praying.

Well because of the lack of sleep(up til 11, phone call from niece at 12:30, phone call from son updating me on niece and telling he was leaving the hospital at 1:45) I did some crazy things today. For starters I ordered coffee and water with lemon at breakfast and proceeded to squeeze the lemon into the coffee. Carla thought it was strange but wasn't sure if it was some new sophisticated coffee drink. Seeing as I am SOOO sophisticated.

After that we headed to Beth's conference. I say that like I know her personally. I don't but anyway off to Beth's we went. Remember yesterday when I said we lucked out on parking????? Didn't happen today. We parked what seemed like miles away. My feet were killing me. Why you ask???? Just look at the shoes. Of course I needed to wear them because they are cute. NOT comfortable. NOT recommended for hiking uphill long distances.

Well we finally made it and once again she brought an awesome message. Still too much glare this is the best photo we could get.

Points to ponder today:

1. To make it through the storm sometimes we have to cut some ropes.

Also, when we are in constant suspense it constantly says to us "I DO NOT know"
We need to write down at least ten things WE DO KNOW from scripture and read them over and over.

2. Our one life can invite the favor of God to MANY in the storm.

We have the ability to bless our whole sphere of influence. We've got to do our part. Instead of being in a storm and throwing a fit let God use us to throw some favor to our sphere of influence.

3. On the other side of a perfect storm, the serpent is ALL bite and no venom.

If it completes something in you that would not have come about any other way it is a perfect storm.

4. The point of every perfect storm is to see the work of God in us unhindered.

WOW. A lot to think about. It was AWESOME.

Then it was time to leave. Just a tip if ever parking in a garage in that area - apparently you pay for the parking garage at a window on foot before you leave. We didn't know this and tried to leave and blocked up traffic. On a positive note I did get two new books. Yeah! (I'm sure I will soon need to enter a 12 step program for my book "addiction")

After we barely made it out alive from the parking garage we headed to lunch at Olive Garden. Not sure that was a wise food choice either. After the lack of sleep a full stomach of pasta was calling for a nap not a 3 1/2 hour drive.

This was our view driving and a view of the tunnel.

Then we were back on the turnpike. I will leave you with the rest of my random pictures. Like the coke we needed to keep going and our trusty GPS. My favorite is the shot of my laptop. It was hilarious showing Carla how to transfer pictures while I was driving 70 mph down the turnpike

Hope you have a blessed night. I will tell you about my homecoming and the rest of the weekend tomorrow. Can't give it all away at once I need to keep the two readers coming back.....

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Kim :) said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!