Friday, June 12, 2009

A Weekend in the Life....A Documentary

Ok well this really isn't a typical weekend in my life but I thought it would be fun to document it for you all. I was asked by...ummm...well nobody to blog about this event so I thought I would. I will be sure to continue the documentation when I get home so you can see what my life is really like.

I am in Pittsburgh with Carla. We are seeing Beth Moore - but let's just start at the beginning. Remember I said the toilet paper would be flying? Well it was....

The car said Beth Moore or Bust!

I would like to say we jumped in the car and we were off but that would be too easy. First we had to drop our portfolios off at the school district. Then off to Groffs. Needed food for my family. Love the product - Hate the process. They are the slowest moving establishment in E-town. Then finally we were off. After punching our destination into my GPS we were on the turnpike before we knew it. We talked and we laughed and we of course stopped at a Starbucks at the very nice rest stop.

Carla did have some toilet paper issues (did you know that you can use the seat covers as t.p. in a desperate situation???). Back on the turnpike we went. We got to the Radisson at 3:45 after sitting in much traffic only to find out we really needed to be back on the road in 45 minutes because the 6 mile drive would probably take us 45 minutes with traffic. I guess the Penguins were playing for some cup or something and a Pirates game too. Ugh.

We headed back over. Got lucky with parking and waited in a very long line.

And we waited....

We finally got in and there were book tables(a little bit of heaven to me). We got seats right on the floor and we were pumped.

We wanted to share a picture of Beth herself but the lights made too much of a glare and they didn't turn out. During worship Travis Cottrell asked anyone who is struggling with something major to be brave and stand so we could pray for them. As the women started standing my eyes filled with tears just wondering what pain they were carrying. Sickness, loss, broken relationships, and maybe a combination of things. We gathered around the closest person and laid hands on them and prayed. It was so awesome to see women regardless of denomination come together and pray for their sisters.

Beth then came and gave an awesome message on the "perfect storm". We heard three points tonight:

1. Sometimes we're in the exact spot where several storms collide. She asked "who are we without our stuff?" Whoa! PITCH IT! she said.

2. The question of fault always arises in a furious storm.

3. The titanic temptation in a storm is to give way to it.

Wow! Some powerful stuff. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Then we were back to our comfy, beautiful room only to get a disturbing phone call that my niece is looking for me. She is pregnant and thinks she is having contractions. I told her to go straight to the hospital. Please pray for her. She is not due until end of August. I will update you when I know more. Here is a picture of our awesome room. not sure how much sleep I will actually get tonight.

Have a blessed night. I will post again tomorrow night or Sunday.

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