Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are you still there???

My husband said if I don't soon post I will lose all my readers. I guess he is threatening to stop reading:) I hope you are all still here. I have a lot going on.

My niece had a beautiful baby girl last Wednesday and I was able to be in the delivery room. I don't think I would ever get tired of witnessing that miracle. Maybe I should throw in the speaking towel and become a labor and delivery nurse!

I have been spending a good bit of time with my daughter and her baby and I am glad to be able to do that. I don't see my other daughter much and that is partly my fault and I am struggling through all those emotions.

I need to be starting school soon. I think the official date will be August 31st but who knows. My neighbor always says she will start when the spirit moves her. I don't know if I will ever be moved this year so I think I just better pick a date and start. As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer it might be best to get back into a routine here anyway.

Since coming home from She Speaks I have been doing a lot of evaluating of my life trying to stick clearly to the boundaries of what God is calling me to do. Part of this process is actually putting the boundaries in place and learning to say no so I don't burn out. I read the following quote and it really got me thinking:

Experience does not make you better only evaluated experience makes you better.

Thought that was great so I have been spending time evaluating things I have done iin order to hopefully be a better wife, mother, and follower of Christ. I have been reading my evaluations forms from my speaking experience at She Speaks and just looking for ways to improve at home and in ministry. This isn't always easy. I inevitably end up finding yucky stuff in myself that I would would like to pretend doesn't exist rather than deal with it. So I have been ealing with some stuff lately!

This week I finish up two Bible studies. Monday is my last day with Cayla, her friends, and their moms. We are finishing up "Lies Young Women Believe" and making a Truth poster and then Wednesday is my last day with my ladies in Lancaster. i am working on some closing things to share with them. There is so much I want them to know. I want them to know their worth and the hope that is in Jesus. I want them to know that they will be faced with some hard choices but if they choose the right thing it will pay off. My wonderful husband made them gift bags from all our K-mart double coupons stash while I was at the hospotal last Wednesday. I can't wait to gove it to them.

On another not I have read several of the books on my list lately and I started "Crazy Love". I am going to try and join the discussion on Bring The Rain. If you have the book, please check this out I think it will be fun.

Well, I need to go I am supposed to be making revisions on something and e-mailing it out today. My hubby took my little guys so I could work and here I sit blogging:) Hope you haven't given up on me and your still reading! Have a blessed day!


Heather Kay said...

Still Here! I love the update on my sidebar that shows when someone puts up a new post. It is so handy not to click over every day looking for a new post. I am with you about when to start school this year. I typically start late and then we go at it strong until Christmas break. After Christmas we cut back to 4 days a week and usually finish in mid May. I just love summer and all of it's activities! It's hard to think it's almost over again.

Runner Mom said...

Hey, girlfriend! Still here as well! You've had lots on your plate. Just take the time to enjoy that stillness with God!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

MoodyMama (a.k.a. Heidi) said...

We're still here. It's summer, we'll let it slide for now...

Becky said...

Still reading Dee! I'm not starting school until after Labor Day! I can never bring myself to start sooner.