Thursday, August 13, 2009

Think This NOT That.....

I was in a book store one day and saw the book Eat This Not That: The Best (and Worst) Foods in America. I thought it was very interesting. In fact I was tempted to buy it because I am always looking for easy ways to stay healthy/lose weight(is that a joke or what????) Anyway, I started thinking about my thought life and I think the same idea could apply. Think This Not That: The Best (and Worst) Thoughts a Woman Can Think.

I can't talk about it enough. As a woman thinks, so is she.....we can not act differently than we think. It is so powerful. I am having a "bad" week. I am not sure why. No particular reason. I have some relationship issues with one of my daughters and that has been weighing on me. I have something I am supposed to be working on. Something I am writing. I can't give details but I was supposed to make revisions this past weekend and e-mail it this week. I still haven't. I miss all my bloggy friends but for some reason struggled posting.

I am not sure if it is because summer is coming to an end and I don't feel ready to start school or if I am coming off my high from She Speaks. I just know that my thoughts have been in the dumps this week and because of that I can not act differently than what I am thinking. I know I just need to keep telling myself to: Think This (God's truth) Not That (Satan's lies).

So as I sit here typing this I am thinking about powerful truths in God's Word knowing that it will get me through this bump in the road. Today when you are tempted to think anything but truth refuse it! Don't let the thought settle in your mind for even a second.

Today take some time to meditate on the truth you are secure. Do not buy into the lie that you are insecure or alone.

Those who fear the Lord are secure. Proverbs 14:26 NLT

I am heading to the beach tomorrow until Sunday with some of my best girlfriends. I am speaking in September on friendship. I am hoping to get a lot of research done this weekend:) The topic includes learning to be transparent so we have authentic friendships based on truth and establishing and maintaining Godly friendships when we are sooo busy. I will also have something on helping a friend through a crisis situation. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. It would be a tremendous help. You can post it here as a comment for all to see so we can learn from one another or you can e-mail me personally.

Have a blessed day!


Heather Kay said...

I have been the friend in the crisis. When I was there, it was most important to me that my friends let me know they were praying for me and available when I was ready. I did not want them hovering over me, (I needed some space) but I wanted to know they had not forgotten me. A card, email, message on the message were all very meaningful. Not, getting their feelings hurt if I "disappeared" for days or didn't return their calls. The best gift you can give another in my opinion is real, falling on your knees, intercessory prayer!

Heather Kay said...

message on the answering machine/voice mail is what I meant to say. :)

Jen said...


I love that you are transparent and authentic! Being honest when you're having a bad week and blogging about it, and I'm sooooooooo excited to hear your talk in September!!!! I'm going to start praying now that none of my little ones will be sick b/c I WILL BE THERE!!! :-) Have a blast at the beach and enjoy those friendships!

Runner Mom said...

I will be lifting you up in prayer, my friend! I hope that you have a wonderful time with your friends! God will speak to your heart and give you what you need!! Just slow down long enough to listen! I am excited that you have a speaking opportunity!!


Lynn Cowell said...

I too am speaking in September on friendships! I have been asking the Lord specifically what women need to hear. I believe that transparency is something we tend to shy away from, but something we need desperately at the same time. I'll be checking back to see what your thoughts are after your beach trip! Have a great time.