Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something eating away at you or should I say devouring you????

*This picture was actually taken this week in my backyard. Homeschooling at it's best!!!

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

~1 Peter 5:8

I have some things that have been eating away at me. Some things dealing with my kids. You know the stuff that you worry about and it kinda gnaws away at your gut but you keep trying to ignore it instead of deal with it. I was even thinking about how well I was doing with it all this past weekend and then it happened. I was on overload. I was getting hit on all sides by the enemy and I wasn't alert. I fell apart because I wasn't holding up my sword of the Spirit(God's word).

As I was laying on the floor bawling face down(the usual position I succumb to in situations like this) I realized I had been too busy to deal with what was eating away at me and now Satan was having his way trying to devour me like the Praying Mantis above just devouring that poor Cicada.

After a good cry and much prayer I wondered why I wait so long to take this stuff to God. He knows my heart. It is good to have a good cry with Him every once and a while and I need to stop "trying" in my own strength to keep it all together. I needed a reminder that the battle is the Lords and His word tells me He will fight for me(and my kids) and all I need to do is be still(Exodus 14:14). Rest in Him.

I know I am human and I will probably come to this place again in my lifetime(who am I kidding probably in the next few months)and I will need this reminder AGAIN!! I am just so thankful that God is so patient with me.

How about you??? Anything eating away at you lately?? To the point that you feel like your being devoured??? Take it to Him let Him fight for you!

Have a blessed day!


Let'sMakeADifference said...

Great post!

Brenda said...

thank you for your encouraging word. I know what you mean. am in a valley now (& I know the Lord is still here and working!) and also a dear friend & her church are under Satanic attack right now. the enemy wants to destroy us/devour us...keep us aware, Lord, and in Your Holy Word all through the day! Psalm 94:18-19, &22. Also, Psalm 34:4,13-14,17-19. :)

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hey Denise! Congrats! You won on my blog! Please email to claim your books! Thanks for joining in~
Sweet blessings,
Lysa TerKeurst