Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You get what you pay for.....

Ok. I want to be the new spokeswoman for Bare Escentuals. I know, I know...last year it was Under Armour but they never called so....I actually came across this wonderful little stuff(and I do mean little - the jar is tiny - the price tag is not) through a bizarre set of circumstances. Some of my make-up has let's just say mysteriously disappeared. A few weeks ago Carla came over and showed me her Bare Escentuals she just bought. I looked longingly at the box because I love anything new and anything with the promise of giving some of my youth back. Hahahahaha.

I knew because of recent make-up purchases, probably 3 or 4 different foundations to be exact, I really shouldn't go buy anything else. But now with this mysterious disappearance(no I didn't accidentally on purpose lose it) I was on my way to Park City to the new Bare Escentuals Store.

I was in a hurry but the saleslady was quick. She had my exact color within minutes. As I was applying it this morning, in a circular motion of course, I couldn't believe how much I loved it and wondered where it had been all my life. Lancome is dead to me.

All this to say, you do usually get what you pay for unfortunately. Like a really good cut and color(by the way I got my hair done today maybe I will post pics later) or nothing like Under Armour keeps me as warm in the winter. Although I guess there are a few exceptions because even though Lancome is dead to me the relationship was costly.

I would like to say that Under Armour is dead to me too since they never called but I will chalk that up to not being 19 and in great shape and I will let you know if I get any calls about being a spokeswoman this year. I figure I could have a chance since I have a lot that needs covered up. Too much sun damage:( I will also be thankful for my new makeup and hope it doesn't disappear:)

Have a blessed day!


3 Blessings said...

I too love bare minerals. They haven't called me either...what's up with that :)

MoodyMama (a.k.a. Heidi) said...

Oooo, I found that stuff last year, it's great for my roseasa (or however you spell that)...I'm buffed and veiled regularly!