Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Did I forget anything????

Today I had the privilege of speaking to some beautiful ladies at Chiques Church. I had a great time. I still need to pinch myself because I can't believe God would allow me to serve women in this way. I still start shaking in my shoes before I stand up. My palms get all sweaty and I feel like I could get sick at any moment and to top things off today my stomach was growling so loudly before I got up that I am sure it could be heard in the next room. I love how God keeps me humble:)

Anyway, on my way home I immediately started in on my routine of giving myself the "third degree". Questions roll around in my mind like "did I miss anything?" or "did I explain it clearly"???? I go through this each and every time and then I just need to stop myself. I know Satan would love for me to question and to doubt. I just need to remember that just as I told the ladies today....If I am called then I am capable. I also need to remember I prayed for my words to be those that God wanted me to speak and I need to trust that He answered that prayer.

If anyone is reading this from today I guess the only thing that I would want to add to what I said would be this:

*I have fully forgiven my dad and that will be key in moving forward and sharing your story. Forgiving doesn't make what happened ok but it does make you ok.

*When working through the things that happened in your life just prayerfully ask God each day to make you aware of who He wants you to reach out to.

*I may have had and abortion but it is NOT my identity. No matter what has happened to you in the past you are not defined by that. You are defined by the truth of Jesus Christ. His Word defines you - not your mistakes.

I don't know. I guess that's all! I hope you know how precious each one of you are. You are called for a purpose and therefor YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Have a blessed night!


Runner Mom said...

Denise, I love how you are following Christ and putting Him first in your life. You have an awesome testimony, my friend. I know that the ladies loved you from the get-go! Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise
I was at the Chiques group. Thank you for being obedient to your calling, for allowing God to use you & for being transparent. Thanks for challenging me to deal with my "stuff" & to remember where God & I have been (with my faith map or ;)timeline) Please do not allow satan to get any time on this. You rocked!