Monday, December 14, 2009

Make A Choice Monday

I love to make bargains with God. You know what I mean. I say to Him if I do “this” then you will do “that” and then I will be happy. It is a lame attempt to be in control of things. I think the root of this control issue is fear. I believe if we can get to the root of something with God then change can happen. I have been digging down deep to uncover this control thing and it hasn’t been easy.

It can be especially difficult this time of year. We need to control all sorts of things. We were talking about this in Sunday school yesterday. We want to control our holiday schedules and gift giving. We want to control how our house is decorated and how well we seem to appear to have it all together. We definitely want to control our emotions even though this time of year can be very difficult for many people.

If we just maintain control then we know the outcome. Right??? WRONG! No matter what we do we can’t predict the outcome. Life happens. Kids get sick. Loved ones make bad choices. There are layoffs and recessions. Heartaches and heartbreaks. Death. These things happen and we are left holding the shattered pieces of our heart because we thought we were in control.

Mary had no control. She was pregnant, unmarried, and left to give birth in a stable. She was told from the beginning what her son was destined to become and that a sword would pierce her own soul(Luke2:34-35). Talk about being helpless and having no control but the funny thing is nowhere do we read that she falls apart and can’t go on. No. Instead we read she is highly favored and blessed and most importantly we are told she treasures it all up in her heart. No whining and complaining just quiet obedience and total trust in God and His plan.

This Christmas let’s choose to be like Mary and relinquish control of it all. We really can’t control anything anyway . It is our choice. I guess choosing is the one thing we do have control over. Will you turn it all over to Him or will you hang on and keep futilely trying on your own only to come up empty and exhausted?

Have a blessed day!

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