Monday, December 21, 2009

No Make A Choice Monday Today

Sorry girls but I don't have a "Make A Choice Devo" today. With only 4 days left to prepare for the big day I still have plenty to do. My count down looks something like this:

4 kids I need to homeschool
3(or is it 13????) gifts left to buy
2(or is it 20????) gifts left to wrap
1 big dinner to prepare for at my house on Friday!

One thing I will say....even if your list is bigger than mine don't miss your time with God first thing each day. He can order our days and smooth out the rough spots in our schedule. I know its hard when there is a lot to do and most of it falls on you but He can be the strength and peace we need this time of year if we will let Him. So many other years I just put Him aside so I could get other things done and it often ended up with everything (mostly myself) coming undone.

I'm not too worried. I read that gift cards are the "new" fruitcake. I really don't care. This is the year of the gift card here. I just always remind myself that there is a season for everything and this is my gift card season!

I will try to post some pics of our sledding yesterday and our Christmas get together with Greg's dad and his brother's family. Not sure what the rest of the week or even next week will look like on the blog but don't miss checking in on January 1st. We are going to have 31 days of small choices in January that can result in big change for 2010! Some of them are things that we have talked about before and some will be new. The focus will be on weight loss and getting healthy but there will be things that can be applied to other areas of our life as well. I'm excited!!!

Have a blessed day!

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Lecia said...

I am sooo excited about the new posts. I have been doing some writing and planning in my journal for some of the changes I am wanting to make.
Yes, there is a season for everything. We are also doing a few gift cards for those hard to buy for and even some wrapped cash for the kids who want to shop for a few of their own gifts.
I second what you said about spending time with the Lord. When we don't think we have time to fit it in, that is the very time we need it most. Putting Him first puts everything else into perspective.