Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sitting in Starbucks....

Haven't been able to type that one in a while. I do believe this is one of my favorite places. There is something about being totally alone yet surrounded by sounds of conversations and the smells of all kinds of delicious things that just makes me smile. I am waiting for my daughter. I have two precious hours to sit here.

I am supposed to be working. As usual. I am speaking on Wednesday. It is the last time for this year. 2009 has been full of so many new things and I am trying to reflect on it all and I can barely take it all in. My heart is overflowing right now. God has given me a wonderful ministry. I have had the opportunity to meet and serve so many different women. I close my eyes and I can see their sweet faces. Sometimes I would look over a group and there would be laughter and sometimes there would be tears. I know the pain they feel and my heart breaks for them.

Also after many, many, MANY wrestling matches this year over some things He has taught me so much. I have shed a lot of tears myself as I have learned to relinquish control of my kids and hand them over to Him. I have let go of some dreams and also learned to give Him my disappointment. Life is so full of uncertainty. Pain is inevitable and the constant attempt to control it all is exhausting. He has taught me over the last year to just sit and wait on Him. To not give up. And to realize His ways will ALWAYS be better than my ways even when I don't get it at first.

I am feeling sadness for those women who are struggling right now. Especially this time of year. I am so sure that Satan loves the opportunity to take the focus off the real meaning of Christmas by convincing us to focus on the hurts and losses we have faced. Don't let him have it dear one. God knows it all and He is GOOD!

Tomorrow I am going to talk a bit about giving up control. Especially this time of year!

Have a blessed night!

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Julie Gillies said...

Your time at Starbucks sounds like it was a wonderful reflection opportunity, Denise. So glad you had the chance, and all the ministry opportunities this year.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas gift comment over at my blog. I agree that God's peace is one of the greatest gifts we have!