Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! After ringing in the New Year with some of our dearest friends from church last night(a tradition) we came home and I don't think I went to sleep until 1:30. I woke up early out of habit and I know I will regret it later. Today Greg is making brunch for our dear friends and neighbors the Turners(actually only Carla this year because Mark works) and my brother and his wife(this is also another tradition).

We will, of course, eat pork and sauerkraut as any good Lancaster Countian does. We want the good luck you know:) Traditions are a funny thing aren't they???? Creatures of habit most of us are.

So here we are. 2010. Oh the possibilities.....a clean slate. The perfect time to make all kinds of resolutions for how we want this year to be different. The problem is we make them and then by about January 10th we fall back into our old ways. Traditions. Creatures of habit. Feeling like failures but also not feeling we can be different.

Well, 2010 CAN be different if we approach it correctly with our God-goggles on not just viewing it through our own eyes. Over the next month I am going to post everyday about change. You know by the title of the blog I am all about "choices" but with each small choice can come permanent change. That can be for the good or bad that is why we are going to be intentional to be sure we are choosing for the good.

Even though there will be an emphasis on weight loss this can apply to almost any area of our life because I believe rooted in any need for weight loss is the root of some sort of stronghold. And even if your struggle doesn't involve food it is rooted in a stronghold somewhere.

So, I want you to get you a journal(a plain old notebook is just fine) and some index cards. I prefer the spiral index cards to keep them together but loose ones can work just fine. Now if you don't have these things around the house DO NOT do what I would have done and wait to get started next week sometime after I went out and got a cute journal and pastel index cards to match. Then I would feel behind and before you know it January 10th would roll around and I would give up. No giving up here. Just hang in here with me for a month. I know you can do it.

Today in our journal we are going to set some goals but we are not going to stop there. We are then going to spend some time praying and asking ourselves why. Why is this my goal? What do I think it will bring me? If our goals are way off(and God will let us know if they are) we are setting ourselves up to fail. These need to be realistic God-given goals. We also need to discover the "why" behind our choices. So ask God honestly why you make the goals you make if your not sure. When I started on my weight loss journey a few years ago my goal was to be a size 2. That's what I was in high school and I saw no reason I couldn't be there again. The problem was this goal was not realistic. I could be a size 2 if all I did was think about it. Exercise constantly. Eat next to nothing. Be miserable. That doesn't work. And here's the thing I have been a size 2 and I have been a size 12 and everything in between and there is no more happiness when I am almost killing myself at size 2 then there is when I am hating how I look and feel at size 12.

Hear me out on this. If you think loosing a certain amount of weight is your answer to all your problems you are DEAD WRONG. It will not do a thing for you if you are still battling the stronghold of food or a stronghold of something else. Yes at a size 2 food is just as much a stronghold when you are depriving yourself as when your are stuffing yourself at a bigger size you just get a different result on the outside but misery still takes up residence in your heart either way. If you think a certain amount of weight loss will make you happier, be more fulfilling, or make someone love you more you need to just stop right now. That would be the reason you failed before because you were looking for something out of it that it just can not provide. Only God will fill those empty space and longings.

So what is a good goal for you? Do you know the number on the scale that is good and healthy for you? The one you can maintain without obsessing. I know mine and it's not a size 2:) If you don't know then pray for God to help you set the goal that is right for you. The idea here is optimum health not to be a picture of what society has sold us. That is all a lie rooted in the father of lies himself. If he gets us focusing on that unrealistic goal he gets our focus off God. We will not allow that to happen!

Also today take one of your index cards and write the following verse on it:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~Romans 12:2

Start memorizing it! We are not going to conform any longer to the world and what it says we should look like but we are going to find God's will for our bodies and our life. Much of this battle will happen in our minds and we will fight the good fight by scripture memorization. This part WILL BE CRUCIAL. We will not succeed without it at least not long term.

Remember today to journal and pray. Start memorizing your scripture and I will check in with you tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

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