Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3

I'm sitting here eating my turkey sandwich and some baked pita chips. I am very hungry as I always am after church. When I sat down I realized I was eating it so fast. Like it was my last meal or I had to catch a train or something. It was then that I thought about how much I take for granted. All the food I have and I don't take a lot of time to enjoy it and be thankful for it.

Often times we eat fast and we keep eating because we haven't given our body a chance to realize we are full. Today we are going to choose to SLOW DOWN! Take some time and ask yourself before you get more "am I still hungry?".

I know this is tough especially because we spend so much of our time on the go. But I promise you that you will eat less and your body will thank you because the slower you eat and the more you chew the easier it is on your digestive system.

And if food is not your issue what is the thing you are stuffing in at a rapid pace??? Is it your quiet time or time invested in a relationship??? Or are you trying to "fill" up on material things that you think will satisfy?

Today we are going to journal and thank God that He is the only one who truly satisfies. Also, ask Him to help you to slow down and realize when you are full. Praise Him that He has provided you with so much and ask Him to help you be content when you have had enough.

Remember Romans 12:2 and have a blessed afternoon!

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