Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6

Time is ticking away....Once again the day is almost past and here I am just sitting down for a moment to write. I hope you are staying warm, I know I can barely stand it and it is only January.

I am going to be quick but I want to challenge you to something over the next few days. Get yourself some baggies. That's what I call 'em maybe you call 'em Ziplocs. Either way get some. Now I know what I am going to ask you to do will be a bit of a pain and a little more time consuming but well worth the effort.

I lost my weight using Weight Watchers. I got all the info and implemented it at home. I never did attend any meetings although I would have if I could have. I have often said some days I am so stir crazy I would probably attend a seminar on small gas engines if I had the opportunity.

Anyway.....back to the baggies. Weight Watchers uses a point system. Every food is worth so many points and you only get to eat so many a day. Even though it was a bit time consuming I learned to measure everything. I had to memorize it but after a while it just became a lifestyle. So take a baggie and just start counting out whatever you are going to eat into a serving size. Now obviously I am talking about snacks, cereal, etc....I don't expect you to put your chicken and rice into a baggie.

I promise you will be amazed at what one serving looks like. We aren't going to be counting points here(if you want to do that check out Weight Watchers) but we are going to become more aware of what a portion is. It blew me away that I would sit down and easily consume 4 or 5 servings of something when I ate it out of the package. If you live in a house like mine you can take all your baggies of food and put them into a container with a sign that says, "Mom's snacks - DO NOT TOUCH!".

The point is we mindlessly consume way to much and we are going to learn a little thing that isn't so popular today and that is moderation. I don't believe you should ever have to give anything up but it should never master you. Eat one serving of chips and one serving of cereal in your bowl.

Well, I need to go but I will talk more about the moderation thing another time. Who knows maybe it will be midnight tomorrow night since I keep getting later and later. Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow I will be speaking at Hawk Mountain Bible Church and next Tuesday I speak morning, noon, and night in Lewisburg!

Keep memorizing your scripture and journal today about the "new thing" God is doing in your life, maybe it will be teaching us about moderation. Pour out your heart to Him and let Him know your desires but also that you know that His ways are higher than your ways and you look forward to the divine plans He has for your life.

Have a blessed night.

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