Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7

Before I get started on my post today I would love to thank all the ladies from Grace Bible Church Hawk Mountain. I enjoyed my time with them this morning.

I also have to share one more thing. Carla came down to walk today and she came with a gift. I had complained to her a few weeks ago that I had papers and stuff everywhere and I needed to get organized. Well look what she showed up with....

Is it not the cutest filing thingy you ever did see??? I absolutely love it! Thank you friend. Now if you could only get Greg organized......

Now on to the regularly scheduled program. I was thinking about that moderation thing again. I think part of the problem is we have become such an instant society and we want it now and if a little is good we want a lot. I love the verse in Lamentations that says:

I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."

Everything doesn't have to be instant. We can wait. The weight may take us a month or even a year to lose. That is ok. We don't need to become discouraged and start stuffing ourselves. The only thing you should ever be stuffed to overflowing with is God himself. He is our portion. When we have eaten our sensible portion of food we just need to walk away and say "God thank you that you are my portion and that you have provided me with what I need to live and be healthy".

Today in your journal thank Him for that very thing. Ask Him for patience in this weight loss walk. Ask Him for total surrender to the whole food thing or whatever else you feel you are in bondage to.

Keep memorizing His word! I will be back tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

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