Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I haven't posted in a week:( I thought I would give you an update. I saw this on another blog and thought it would be a good way to give you a glimpse of what's going on here!

Outside my window... it's dark, cold, and rainy:( It is only 6 AM though.

I am thankful for... Bible study today. Whoo Hoo! And a very gracious husband - last week I was a bit rough on him(ok Greg I know "a bit" is putting it mildly).

I am praying for... Many, many things. My hubby needs a new car and I am really struggling with homeschooling. So much so that I actually visited a school last week and if it wouldn't be for finances I think I would put them there. Since we don't have the extra money I am praying for God to either provide it or give me a renewed passion for homeschooling. I do love having them here but I feel like with one in K, one in 2nd, and one in 4th I have alot on my plate and let's not forget about the one in 9th! It's the academic part I struggle with not actually having them home. For the most part they are good outside of the books:) Greg has been great. He has asked me some really good questions like, "whose standard are you measuring them up to?" and "remember why we brought them home to begin with". It had very little to do with academics but I am struggling to find a balance and Satan is having a hay day with this one. He looks for our weaknesses and he seeks to devour!

From the kitchen... the first cup of coffee....ahhhh

I am wearing... p.j.'s of course(remember it is still early)

I am creating... a book. There I said it. I have been working on it forever and plan to meet with a publisher when I go to She Speaks. I can't believe I just told everyone my secret:) I am also working on some new talks for my speaking this spring. I found the coolest thing last night. It is a tablet and it says "The one thing I will do today". God has been laying Psalm 27 on my heart and I can't wait to use this tablet as a visual. God is so good and so creative!

I am reading... So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore and Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg

I am hoping... that the kids stay healthy and the weather here improves

I am hearing... the dog pacing around. I always take her over to the living room in the morning and she sits beside me for my quiet time. I jumped on the computer first this morning. Something I know I shouldn't do. She can't seem to figure out why I am up and she is still stuck in the kitchen. I know how she feels. Often times I think "why am I still stuck here". It is usually one of two reasons. Either I refused to move when God was asking or I got distracted by all the "pretty things" and forgot about my "One Thing"!

Around the house... laundry, dishes, clutter, and dust bunnies

One of my favorite things... when my kid's first wake up in the morning. I gave them a rule. When they wake up they need to find their mama, hug her, kiss her, and tell her they love her. They do it every morning and if they forget I hunt them down and remind them:)

A few plans(I never have a "few" plans so this is a bit of a joke) for the rest of the week... Bible study today, school, school and more school, b-ball practice tonight, Awana, softball practices, more b-ball and as luck would have it Greg and I got invited out to dinner Friday night and also to some one's house on Saturday night. Yes! I also need to do some writing and planning for the next few weeks. March is a very busy month.

Well there you have it. A glimpse into my well organized chaos! I hope you have a blessed day!


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Denise! Wow, I see you have quite the busy day. I am with you, chickadee!! I love the "One thing I will do Today." As long as it's for the Lord, it's good! I'll go to Psalm 27 in a bit.

So proud that you are listening to His Will in your writing even with all of the "stuff" you have going on. It will be worth it.

Hug those kiddos tightly today!

Love ya!

Flamingo Mama said...

thanks for your honesty about homeschooling. you are keeping it in perspective for me when i'm still considering it!