Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beyond theTattoo.....

The newest tattoo...yes, this is my oldest son. He got this "little" piece of artwork last night. How do I feel you might ask??? Well, this is his third tattoo and of course I have all the thoughts a mom would have. Will he regret it someday? Will it hinder him from a job in his future? Should he be spending his money on this? What will people think of me as his mom?

But in the end God is always gracious and gives me a new lesson to learn and insight into this son I love. God has taught me to look beyond the tattoo to the man my son is becoming. I learned to pray about each of his tattoo's.

One says "R.I.P. Grandma" in honor of his great grandma who he was very close to. I pray everyday that he would remember the godly woman that she was and desire to honor her life through the way he lives his.

The other is a skateboard bent in half in the shape of a heart. He says he got this because skateboarding was his first "love". I thank God that he gave him a gift and a talent that he loves. I pray that God would take this thing he loves so much and use it in a mighty way someday for God's glory.

And finally this tattoo, "In God's Hands". Oh yes baby that is where I have had to place you almost daily for 19 years and struggle every time I took you back because I wanted to be in control. You will never believe what I have gone through to put that child at the foot of the cross and leave him there. I have sowed many tears and I praise God because I know He is faithful and I will reap a harvest of joy someday. I have also experienced the thrill of victory when the time between when I lay him at the cross and when I am tempted to pick him back up has become longer and longer.

The lessons that God has taught me through that child have been priceless. Eternal. Things I would not have learned any other way. I am a better person, mom, and follower off Christ because of all this. Because Chris and everyone else who I dearly love are "In God's Hand's" it gives me a stronger desire to be close to God so to be close to those He holds and has "tattooed" in the palm of His hand!

When I finally got to the point that I cared more about my child and his relationship with God and my own freedom in Christ rather than what other people might think I was finally free. Caring about how we will look or own pride is bondage.

My son is searching right now. I know that. I pray the heavens down on him daily. I choose to trust God. I know that in Chris' search to fill the "void" and find out who he is, even in the valleys, is where his walk will become real. If we could only learn as parents to let go and let God do His work. I know too many times I interfere. "In God's Hands" yep, that is exactly where my son is and that is exactly where I want him. So today I look beyond the tattoo and to the future. The place where God has a plan and purpose for each thing me and my son go through.

So what about you? Is there someone in your life that you have struggled to lay at the cross? Have your kids made decisions that scare you half to death? Go to God daily and leave it all there. He is faithful and He will do a wonderful work in their life and yours.

Have a blessed day!


Let'sMakeADifference said...

To answer your you mean today???!!!! Great post!

Smith7 said...

That was wonderful! Thanks for the reminders!