Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make a Memory

This is a poem I wrote about my son for a group of young moms I was speaking to. I wanted to encourage them to spend time with their kids and not worry about all the little stuff. Some lessons we unfortunately learn the hard way.....

Wash the dishes, do the laundry
Please be quiet, not today
Can’t you see I am busy now
Can’t you see I have no time to play

We’ll play tomorrow if I can
But for now just run along
I have to get the house just right
You know I can’t get this all wrong

I busy myself and days turn to years
I miss your giggles and your grin
Too big now to play with me
As I sit and think what should have been

Did I give you what you needed
I cleaned the house, did the carpool
Thought I’d always have another day
You grew too fast, I was a fool

I see wasted days and wasted moments
Thinking I had all kinds of time
I blink my eyes and you grew up
Where’s that little boy of mine

Where’s the boy I used to hold
He’s taller now than I am
When’s the last time I picked you up
I can’t remember now you’re a man

So young mom you must listen up
Each new day is a chance to be
The mom that God created
Now go today and make a memory!

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