Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not always what it seems....

I had the best time on Saturday doing a training for women's ministry leaders. I am on a team for the EFCA Eastern District. We got to spend the day with leaders from several churches. I just love to be able to encourage women, especially these women in leadership, because so often they are called to be the ones doing the enouraging and they need their own cheerleader also.

God has definetley blessed me in my ministry to women and aside from my family I have found the MOST pleasure in my life being able to be apart of other women's lives.

When my session came in the afternoon and I stood before those women I just had to tell them how beautiful they were. They were from different ages and stages of life with different backgrounds and had different types of ministries but they were all beautiful.

Now if you would have seen me on Saturday you might have thought that I didn't look to bad myself. I actually had a skirt on. Something you will rarley ever find me in. I am as girly as a girl that you can find but I love my denim. I live in a pair of jeans and maybe should be buried in them:) Anyway I had to do this training and attend a memorial service so I actually dressed up.

Here's the thing about being dressed up, I do clean up o.k. I guess. I can put on pretty clothes and some makeup that does wonders. I can fix my hair and smile but that doesn't change who I am on the inside. I NEVER want to be known for my appearance but as girl who loves Jesus with all her heart and lives a life that truly reflects that.

Because beauty is fleeting. I look in the mirror and somedays can't believe how fast. I don't know about you but it sometimes hits me at record speed. Wrinkles appear overnight and gravity takes hold and doesn't let go without a fight and even then some things remain.

I was approached when it was all over by one of the ladies. She said she took one look at me and almost wrote me off as "one of those speakers" who has it all together and she did not want to hear from someone like that again. It caught me off guard because I know my heart and my struglles and I definetely DO NOT have it all together. She was so gracious and beautiful herself by the way and went on to tell me that what I said spoke to her the most. I talked about giving up control and the fact that we can't do a million things to the glory of God. I shared my own struggle with control.

Anyway yesterday as I was cleaning the house, my hair completely a mess, no make-up on my face, and sweat dripping off me I chuckled and thought I wish she could see me now because this is who I am. I clean bathrooms and scoop dog poop. I have cleaned up any number of bodily fluids off places in my home. I do not live a glamorous life. I have struggles and insecurities. I yell at my kids and have the need to apologize often. I fight like wild with my husband and thank God for His grace all the time. I am also thankful for concealer but know better than anyone that some things you can't cover up. Who we are and what we believe is what will show up on the outside.

I don't ever want to appear to anyone as someone who has it all together because things are not always what they seem. We do each other a disservice when we wear that mask and appear that way. I am a real woman with real struggles and real areas that God is still working on. So just remember the next time you look at someone who you thinks has it all....they do not. Perfection is inattainable this side of heaven and no one escapes the hardships this life has to offer.

I guess I just wanted to share that in case you for some reason thought I had it together here all the time. I also want us all to examine our own lives and be sure that we are being real all the time so someone doesn't write us off before they hear our message of hope that Christ has to offer them.

Have a blessed day!

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