Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sorry the blog has been so silent. It is a bit how my life has been in many ways lately. Don't get me wrong we are always plenty busy around hear but I have just felt the need to be quiet lately.

I am still wrestling through things with this Bible study I am doing. I have one more week and I don't think any other study has ever done to me what this one has. I have been in a wrestling match for a few weeks with this one and am not sure if it coming to an end will be a welcomed relief or if the work I need to do isn't finished and as hard as it is maybe I wish it would keep going. Only God knows what I need right now and I know He will be faithful even when I feel faithless.

I have had a lot of things come to an end recently. Softball is over. Co-op is over. Cayla's classes in Lancaster are over. Awana is over. School is now finished. I am trying to figure out some kind of summer routine other than get up when you feel like it and do whatever the rest of the day. That plan isn't really working so I know next week it will be time to lay down some ground rules.

Well I just wanted to jump on quick and let you know where I am at in case you thought I got swallowed up in a big hole or something.....that would be too easy:) I hope your day is blessed!


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with getting up when you feel like it and doing whatever the rest of the day? (;

- Caylaaa.

Donna Nilson said...

Glad to hear you're ok--just busy with life!