Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too much going on to post....

I know I never got back on here last is just like that here. A lot going on in life and in me. I never really full recovered from the trip when I found out my cousin's 20 year old son died in a car accident last week. Way too young. These are hard things to understand.

I also started a new Bible study a few weeks ago. About a week or two in I confided in my friend that for once I am not sure this is a study I need. See I am a very "needy" person. I all but have to drown myself in God's word or I fall apart but for some reason this topic didn't seem to be an issue. I was actually happy about that since so many other things are issues for me. But let me say ladies "pride cometh before the fall" because I got hit with some things last week and this is just the study I need right now. It has been deep. I have wrestled with God over quite a few things that I desperately want to hold onto and He is asking me to let go of. I hate letting go. When will I ever learn that what He asks us to let go of is so we can be given something greater??? I am so stubborn. It has taught me never to say that I have mastered something. There is always more to learn and ALWAYS more to weed out of my life.

Anyway, I feel like I am starting to ramble but I just wanted to let you know where I am at. Please pray for my cousin and his family. Pray for me as I speak at a mother/daughter gathering tomorrow night. Also I just want to leave you with a link to a video showing the Retuning Hearts celebration I was at last weekend. Just click on 2010 video. It is 7 minutes long but well worth it. Have a blessed day!

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