Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm back.....I hope:)

Is there anyone still out there???? I really let the blog go over the last month. I wish I could tell you everything that has happened but that would be a book in itself. I will just say that I am battling my way through and starting to come out the other side(I think) of one of the most difficult spiritual wars I have ever experienced.

Not sure why the attack and not sure why now. I do know that I have a very full schedule through the rest of this year and I do know I plan on meeting with a publisher the end of July and I also know that Satan would love to take me out right now and he almost did. But in the words of Pat Benetar....Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!!! He hit alright and even knocked me down a bit but what he seems to forget is if we allow God to do His work we come out of the battle stronger, a little worn but stronger and most importantly changed. This month has changed me tremendously and shaped me in a way that nothing else would have been able to.

It has taught me the full meaning of His grace and even though I felt like I was falling hard I never fell away from that grace just further into it. I am fighting back the tears even as I write this. If you have seen me over the last month you would never have even known this was going on. Only one person knew the depth of what I was experiencing but it was real and it was harsh.

I also have a new compassion for those who are struggling especially those who don't know Christ so maybe if for nothing else that is what God needed to show me. Please pray for me over the next few weeks as I will for sure experience aftershocks of the earthquake that has rocked me to my core. Pray that I don't give up because running is usually my first reaction. A million times over I wanted to cancel my publisher appointment and my speaking engagements but for some reason I think God wants me to keep going and by canceling Satan would be winning the battle. Pray that I find the time to finish writing and also for our vacation. We leave on July 9th for California and won't be back until July 28th. I then fly out July 29th to go to North Carolina for a conference and publisher appointment.

I miss you all dearly and if anyone is even still out there please leave a would be such a great encouragement and some motivation to keep going!

I updated my calendar today if you would like to know where to find me. Have a blessed day!


Bonni said...

Glad you posted! I'll pray for you throughout June and July! I promise!

nymountainmom said...

I've been thinking of you often and praying for you. I'm having co-op withdrawl and miss working with you :), so I have to check on you here! Your a strong, beautiful person and God has a great BIG plan for you! Don't give up...PRESS ON (using Selah's..PRESS ON...Listen to it'll relate). God will give you the strength you need to get through all your going through. Keeping you in our prayers!!!

Smith7 said...

Nice to hear from you again!
Miss not seeing you!


Anonymous said...

welcome back!
love you momma

Sandy said...

Hi, Denise. It's great to hear from you. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult time, but it sounds like you have used wisdom in not sharing it with just anyone. I know well that worn feeling, but I also know that wonderful strength that only comes from Christ. I'm praying for you and yours. Keep on keeping on!

Lecia said...

Satan would love nothing more than to see us fail. I am praying for you as you seek God's strength and allow Him to work through you. He will never leave you nor forsake you as you seek to do His will.