Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Computer Issues

Dear Dell Computer~

I have put up with your shenanigans(is that a word?) long enough. I loved you when you first showed up on my doorstep all shiny and new and pink but you have let me down one too many times. Now I know you say that I have let you down by letting my virus protection and such expire but enough is enough. If you don't soon shape up I am replacing you. And also when I call for help and someone located who knows where takes control of my computer that is just weird. I hope whoever it is can't actually see me because last week we spent two hours together and I didn't have on one stitch of make-up. So next time I hit your power button and you decide to take an hour to power on just know that I won't be coming will be dead to me!

Thanks from your very irritated owner!

So there you have it....we are having problems with my laptop AGAIN. I am so frustrated and when I call the problem doesn't get resolved and I spend valuable time just sitting in front of my laptop trying to keep the chaos at a minimum here so that the gentleman on the other end doesn't think he is connected to the zoo as opposed to a residence. I am afraid he will try to charge me the business rate.

On another totally unrelated note I haven't started school yet. I can't believe it myself. I usually try to have at least 10 days in by the time September rolls around but I haven't done a thing. My neighbor and I always say we will start when the spirit moves but she started this week and I haven't felt anything moving down my way. I guess I will start Tuesday regardless of what I feel.

I guess a lot of life is that way. We are called to do many things regardless of how we feel. So often our feelings just deceive us anyway. I was reading Psalm 51 and verse 6 says this:

Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.

He does desire for us to have truth in our inner most parts because it is that truth that will guide us when we are tempted to follow our feelings down a path that could be very destructive. Trust me on this one...unfortunately I have had plenty of personal experience on following feelings down a destructive path.

We are headed to the mountains for the weekend and will back on Monday. If I can I will try and jump back on this weekend if the spirit moves but I make no promises:)

Have a blessed day! Is anyone still out there anyway????


ShylajaatDell said...

Contact @DellCares or Shylajaatdell via Twitter, or on Facebook at: We LOVE to help our customers Thanks

Heather Kay said...

Still here, and not even thinking about starting school yet...hope that makes you feel better! :)