Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorta a Joke

Ok...my letter to Dell Computer was really meant as a joke. Not that it isn't all true but I really never expected Dell to leave a comment:) Too funny. Maybe I should write them a thank you note:

Dear Dell Computer:

Thank you for finding my blog. I know you like your customers to be happy and though my computer still doesn't work you have been very kind. Please stop by the blog anytime.

On a totally unrelated note I would like to write Dunkin Donuts a letter. Do you know when you order munchkins through the drive thru you can't do any special ordering. We are not fans of Dutch Crumb so I always ask for them to be left out. I had to go in the store to get my box of munchkins minus the Dutch Crumb. How inconvenient.

But I guess that is all I really have to complain about so I consider myself very blessed. Today is my 19th anniversary. I can't believe it. I was married at 18 years old and so you just have to do the math. I have been married over half my life. Greg is an awesome guy and though much of our time together has been a bit rocky I am blessed to be his wife and I love him dearly. I am looking forward to another 19 years and I know that they will fly by just like the last 19.

I just wanted to jump on and say hi to all of you but I really should be going. My grandbaby is coming at 3:30 and we are going to get pictures taken and buy him some new shoes!!!

Have a blessed day!

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