Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her I am!

I started writing this post earlier this week on my laptop and it had all kinds of fits. I know. I know. It is time to get a new one but this one has been through so much with me. Countless hours of me banging on the keyboard sometimes saying nothing meaningful at all and sometimes having HUGE revelations. So I am a bit hesitant to let her go. So here's the run down(in no certain order, of course):

~Paul Baloche....that's who I am listening to right now and will be leaving to go see live in a few minutes!!!!

~Marmeduke....the last movie I watched when a field trip got canceled because of rain and I needed to bribe my kids to do school:)

~Lulu Princess....the name(at least I think) of the new puppy we are getting next week. Yes I am a dog lover and yes I am crazy. Was there ever any question?

~MOPS and MOMS....two groups I had the honor of speaking to this week. It was such a privilege. I love groups like this where mom's can support one another. It is by far the hardest job I have ever had and there is no room for wimps. We need to have a tenacious faith if we are ever going to survive this.

~Feelings....that is what God has laid on my heart lately when it comes to my kids. They will never remember everything I said(who could my mouth runs constantly)or everything I did but they will remember how I made them feel.

~Blocks....every block on our big old calendar is full for October. Maybe it is time to evaluate some things or maybe it's just a season and like all seasons this too shall pass.

~NOTW....a clothing brand that I love and they sell at Berean. There is the cutest long shirt thingy I would love to have to wear with leggings.

~Dieting...what I will have to do if I am ever going to attempt aforementioned leggings.(wow! I just used a huge word..but not sure if I used it right....what can I say I know I am blonde)

Well ladies I have some hair and makeup things to do before the concert. It is so funny because my hair used to be straight before I had children. No I didn't get perms I got extra doses of hormones so I have some unruly hair to deal with tonight! I miss and love you all....hope you have a blessed day!

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