Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zoe Lu!!!!

Well, this is the newest addition to our family. Her name is Zoe Lu. She is part Cairn Terrier and part Bichon. I wanted Lulu but I was outvoted, which is really ok because I think she looks just like a Zoe. She is just about the sweetest puppy I have ever seen. She isn't giving me much sleep at night but I love her anyway. Besides I get a lot of thinking done while I am sitting outback of my house at 3 a.m. waiting for her to "go".

My daughter said she looks just like me. Wild hair with dark roots.....

I took this picture with my Iphone myself so its not very good but hopefully I will get a better one soon. I can't wait to show you what her little three pounds of cuteness looks like next to my 90 pound American bulldog/boxer Niah. They are hysterical together.

On a totally unrelated note my husband pointed out to me that the title of my last post said "Her I am". In case you were as perplexed as he, I thought I would let you know that there was no deep philosophical reason I just apparently didn't proofread the post. It obviously was supposed to say "Here I am". After I thought about it though it would be a good post because I am her. Her who is need of God's grace daily. Her who is desperate for Him because I know apart from Him I am a stinkin mess. Her who is trying to be a better wife, mom, friend, and follower of Christ. Her who realizes that I have no peace and no joy apart from Jesus. So yes I guess you could say "her I am". I am lots of "hers" trying to wear all my many hats well and depending on mercy to get through each moment of each day.

On yet another totally unrelated note(are you detecting a theme here???)tonight in church we sang a song I was not familiar with but there was one line I can not get out of my head. It said "spare us any joy apart from you". Just think about that. What if that became our prayer? What if we asked Him daily to spare us any joy that wasn't of Him. Wow....that would be powerful.

You see there are things that temporarily bring me joy and happiness but when they aren't of Him I am only deceiving myself and often times the thing that I thought made me sooo "joyful" ended up being a detriment to my walk and my relationship with Christ. So I think I will start praying this powerful few words daily and see what happens. In fact I think I will start praying it down over my entire family.

Spare me any joy Lord apart from you! You are the only true joy giver and you give so freely. Thank you.

Have a blessed night!


Let'sMakeADifference said...

Congrats!!!! We'll dog sit when you need one!! Have a great week!

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Denise,
What a sweet little puppy! My daughter and I visited a pet shop last weekend (just for fun, not to buy!) and spending time with a pup reminded me how much I don't want one. LOL We already have an Australian Shepherd, a wayward cat, and an adorable hamster. More than enough.

Enjoy Zoe!

Runner Mom said...

She is adorable! Enjoy those sweet puppy moments!